SilverFast ACR - Adaptive Color Restoration


It is common that photos and slides fade when stored for many years. Using SilverFast's ACR Adaptive Color Restoration, it is very uncomplicated to refresh faded colors even when scanning very old pictures. Let your image treasures shine in new brilliance.

Color Restoration in SilverFast
The Adaptive Color Restoration in SilverFast is particularly easy to use. The control elements are located in the Selective Color Correction SCC tool dialog. A mouse click activates the automatic Color Restoration, which strengthens faded colors and neutralizes oversaturated colors. Using the slider control, the user can make manual adjustments according to his wishes.
  • Automatic started by single mouse click
  • Manual adjustment using a slider control


« … The time and effort spent in Photoshop editing and adjusting images produced by the Canon software far exceeds that required to produce superior results with the tools available in SilverFast. Automatic functions like auto-adjust, Color Cast Removal, and Adaptive Color Restoration have greatly simplified processing, and I have found that scans are significantly faster with SilverFast, … »
Roy Sprague

macOS Big Sur 11.0
macOS Catalina 10.15
Windows 10 (64bit)
Windows 8 (64bit)