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Control Gray and Color Value Changes made by SilverFast's Image Optimization Features

Multiple Densitometer

Compare original and modified color Tones

Densitometers are devices for the quantitative measurement of color density and optical density of printed originals and particularly important in photographic technique to measure the density in negatives, slides and photographs.

Unlike a spectrophotometer a densitometer can only measure tonal values, no hue. Similarly, the densitometer in SilverFast 8 is a software tool that allows you to control every change in gray and color values with point and pixel precision. The densitometer allows to understand changes to tonal values made by SilverFast’s image optimization features for each individual pixel.

Tip: By «shift»-clicking on the prescan, densitometer measurement points can be placed in the image.

Densitometer Video

Watch our Video to learn more about SilverFast's Multiple Densitometer

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Feature Range

SilverFast Version SE SE Plus Ai Studio
Number of densitometer points 1 1 4
Display of tones and luminance for each pixel
Display of black point and white point
Display in different color modes like RGB, CMYK, Lab and others
Display in 16bit
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