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For perfect Colors – Easily Remove Color Casts from your Images

Neutral Pipette

Color Cast Removal

Effects to the film material due to chemical processes even to already developed film, fading of photographic prints, different light sources during image acquisition – there are many reasons why images may show color casts. Manual correction is time consuming and can lead to falsified colors. The SilverFast Neutral Pipette is a tool, which makes color cast removal very easy.

A mouse click on the icon “Pipette” in the vertical toolbar opens a drop-down menu. By selecting the entry “Neutral Point” the mouse cursor turns into an eyedropper. By clicking on a color area of the image, which should appear neutral, the color correction is performed automatically. The exact change in color values ​​at this point can be seen in the tool dialog “Neutral Pipette”. The neutral point can be deleted and set again at any time.

  • Automatic color cast removal by setting a neutral point

  • Before/after comparison in RGB or CMY

  • Up to 4 neutral points with SilverFast Ai Studio 8

Video I: Neutral Pipette

Watch our Video to learn more about SilverFast's Neutral Pipette for Color Cast Removal

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See how effectively SilverFast's Neutral Pipette works:

After pre-scanning, the original shows a blue color cast.

Just setting a neutral point achieves a significant improvement – three mouse clicks, that’s it.

The Neutral Pipette dialog shows before/after RGB values of any neutral point.

Using SilverFast Ai Studio 8 multiple neutral points can be set, for an even more precise color cast removal.

Up to 4 neutral points are possible using SilverFast Ai Studio 8.

Video II: Neutral Pipette

Here is a second example for easy color cast removal using SilverFast's Neutral Pipette

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