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Adjust the hardware Focus of your Scanner

Focus Control

For crisp and sharp Images

Some high-quality scanners, flatbed scanners as well as dedicated film scanners, facilitate to adjust the optic’s focus. This means the possibility to offset the focus up to several millimeters above or below the regular focus level. Some scanners feature an automatic focus control system, where others additionally allow the user to set the focus manually.

What do you do with a Focus Control?

You don’t need a focus control, if your originals really lie perfectly flat on your flatbed. However, using filmholders slightly lifts your originals, slide mounts are of different thicknesses and also filmstrips inserted to film scanners are not always perfectly flat, the focus can vary from frame to frame. Setting an appropriate focus leads to crisp and sharp images.

A flatbed scanner offering a manual focus control may also be used to digitize certain three-dimensional objects like coins. Using SilverFast’s Focus Control, the focus can be adjusted so precisely that flatbed scanners can also be used for scientific work, such as analyzing bird feathers.

Using the Focus Control Feature

  • Neutral Focus: The focus offset value is not determined or adjusted automatically. Instead, SilverFast uses a neutral focus position that is individually set for each scanner and is suitable for many scans.

  • AutoFocus on center point: SilverFast automatically sets the focus point to the center of the scan frame. Before the scan is started, SilverFast calculates the focus offset to be applied based on this center point.

  • AutoFocus on an optimal point: SilverFast analyzes the preview and decides where the focus point should be set.

  • AutoFocus to a user defined point: Specify a point that SilverFast should automatically focus on. To do so, simply click on the desired location in the preview.

  • Manual Focus (Focus Dialog): Click in the preview image and SilverFast opens the focus preview dialog. Now move the focus as desired and you will always have a visual check of your adjustment.

Example: Squash Racket

To illustrate the high performance of our SilverFast Focus Control, a squash racket has been placed directly on the flatbed of the scanner for this example. All details are clearly visible on both the frame and the network of strings.

SilverFast’s depth of field feature and its manual Focus Control enable exceptional scans of 3D objects and thus significantly expand the field of use of scanners that support these features.

Focus Control Video

Watch our Video to learn more about SilverFast's Focus Control

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Supported Scanners

The listed scanners are tested to support the Focus Control feature.

  • DS-G20000
  • ES-10000G
  • ES-11000G
  • ES-8500
  • Expression 10000XL
  • Expression 11000XL
  • Expression 12000XL
  • Expression 13000XL
  • Expression 1640XL
  • ArtixScan F1
  • ArtixScan F2
  • ArtixScan M1
  • DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400 (not Elite 5400 II)
  • LS 4000ED / Super Coolscan 4000 ED
  • LS 40ED / Coolscan IV ED
  • LS 5000ED / Super Coolscan 5000 ED
  • LS 50ED / Coolscan V ED
  • LS 8000ED / Super Coolscan 8000 ED
  • LS 9000ED / Super Coolscan 9000 ED
  • PrimeFilm 7250 Pro3
  • PrimeFilm XA
  • PrimeFilm XA Plus
  • PrimeFilm XAs
  • RPS 10M
  • RPS 7200


The Focus Control for Epson’s A3 flatbed scanners offers precise automatic or manual focus adjustment to ensure high-quality scans of various originals. Users can adjust the focus themselves to achieve optimal sharpness and detail, especially when digitizing thicker material or dealing with challenging surface textures. SilverFast is optionally able to automatically find an ideal focus point.


The Focus Control is also available for three Microtek flatbed scanners. This functionality enables focus adjustment to compensate for small deviations in film material and achieve high-quality scans. Users can manually adjust the focus point as needed to ensure that their digitization projects have optimal image sharpness and detail, or rely on SilverFast to find the right focus.


The SilverFast Focus Control for the Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400 film scanner allows an accurate focus adjustment to obtain sharp and clear images. Users can manually adjust the focus point up or down by a few millimeters to achieve optimal results when digitizing film material or rely on SilverFast’s automatic setting to determine a proper focus point.


The Focus Control for Nikon film scanners ensures precise automatic focus adjustment to ensure optimal sharpness and detail when digitizing film material. With this feature, the focus can be automatically set at the image center or at any other point desired. Additionally, users can gradually adjust the focus manually to achieve high-quality scans even with challenging originals.

PIE (Pacific Image Electronics)

The SilverFast Focus Control also provides automatic focus adjustment for certain devices from Pacific Image Electronics (PIE). This feature allows for quick and exact focus adjustment, as not every film strip is perfectly flat, and slides may have varying frame thicknesses. Users also have the option to adjust the focus manually to achieve sharp and high-quality scans according to their preferences and needs.


For the Reflecta RPS 10M and RPS 7200 devices, SilverFast also provides the Focus Control feature. This functionality allows for precise focus adjustment, both automatically and manually, to ensure high-quality scans. Users have the ability to manually adjust the focus to optimize details and ensure that the digitized images show outstanding sharpness and detail accuracy.

Focus Control Manual

This manual explains how to use the SilverFast Focus Control functionality. Please note: The Focus Control functionality slightly differs from scanner to scanner. Not every feature described here is available for every device.

Supported Scanners

The Focus Control tool is only available for scanners, which feature a motorized focus adjustment facility. The listed scanners have been tested and support the SilverFast Focus Control. More scanners will be added to the list by and by.