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In case your SilverFast application does not start anymore please download the following tool to contact us. This has the advantage, that it will provide us with your SilverFast support files.

Support Tool for OS X / macOS

Please double-click the DMG to mount it. Execute the included SilverFast Support Tool.

Support Tool for Windows

Please double-click the ZIP archive and extract its content. Start the SilverFast Support Tool.


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bitdepthVery dark scan results (when creating raw data HDRi RAW files)
HDR(i) RAW files are being saved using gamma 1.0.

benutzungsfragenHow can I make sure I get high quality scans?
- selecting resolution
- improving sharpness
- reducing noise
- optimizing Dynamic Range

benutzungsfragenHow do I quickly get a natural looking image?
SilverFast offers various automatic image adjustment methods. Using them will automatically set the highlights, shadows and gradation to suit your individual image content.

bitdepthWhich bit-depth should I use?
48->24 Bit is the standard option used for .jpg images and most standard image files.
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