IT-Enquirer on SilverFast and Heidelberg High-End Scanners
SilverFast supports Heidelberg High-End Scanners

Heidelberg high-end scanners get updated by SilverFast Ai STUDIO to run under the lastest Windows and Macintosh operating systems. LaserSoft Imaging reports it is now supporting Heidelberg Nexscan series, enabling companies which purchased these high-end scanners to benefit from the complete feature set SilverFast has to offer.

LaserSoft Imaging builds on its advanced line of award winning scanning/imaging software for this version of SilverFast that now supports the high-end Heidelberg Nexscan series. This is a breakthrough for those companies who originally purchased these legendary workhorses only to run into difficulties when Heidelberg dropped its interest in the scanning market and discontinued support.

SilverFast is professional level software breathing new life into these high quality scanners while providing a current workflow solution to the thousands of units still in operation today. With SilverFast Ai Studio, it is now possible to integrate these scanners with the new high powered Macs and PC's running the most current software to date, such as OSX - Tiger.

The Topaz and Nexscan packages are similar with their inclusion of Ai Studio with IT8 calibration, HDR Studio for 48 bit processing, a 6x7 cm transparency IT8 target, a 5x7 in. reflective IT8 target (both have barcodes for automatic data reference linking), SilverFast: the Official Guide, and the SilverFast manual. Also included is a SCSI card.

A 2 year premium support subscription can be purchased separately for the Nexscan and Topaz which includes:
  • Premium web based technical support with one business day reply time guaranteed.
  • Telephone hotline with call back service.
  • 2 years of free updates with installation support. As a subscriber, receive the most current version, QuickTiime movies and documentation on a CD.
The combination of SilverFast Ai Studio and HDR Studio offer an exceptionally productive workflow. With the ability to capture the full 48 bit dynamic range of each image, the operator can then choose between editing the file directly in the scanning software or storing them as the new lossless compression format - JPEG 2000. The stored files, which are saved with the unique HiRePP (High Resolution Picture Performance), can then be handed off to another workstation anywhere (without a scanner connection) and batch processed using the timesaving Job Manager.

Flexible Workflow

This workflow allows for considerable flexibility when scheduling production times for scanner operators and colour specialists.

The Heidelberg scanners are still considered to be some of the best scanning devices ever produced. All that is needed to regain that value is the addition of some new tools to enhance the capabilities it was once purchased for. The SilverFast features for these scanners include:
  • IT8 Calibration & ICC Profiler
  • 48 bit HDR full dynamic range lossless compressed output
  • SCC Selective Color Correction with Layers
  • ACR Adaptive Color Restoration
  • HiRePP High Resolution Picture Performance
  • NegaFix 120 profiles for Negative Film Optimization
  • Automatic Descreening
  • SRD Smart Removal of Defects
  • MidPip 4 Advanced Color Cast Removal
  • Automatic Highlight, Midtone and Shadow adjustment
  • SC2G Selective Color to Grey Conversion
  • SilverFast JobManager
  • Powerful Print/Layout Functions with PrinTao
  • Soft Proof for RGB/RGB & RGB/CMYK
LaserSoft Imaging continues in its efforts to find and present the best possible solutions to customers worldwide. The outcome should always be high quality products that allow users to be more productive while achieving maximum results.

(Source: IT-Enquirer)