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In case your SilverFast application does not start anymore please download the following tool to contact us. This has the advantage, that it will provide us with your SilverFast support files.

Support Tool for OS X / macOS

Please double-click the DMG to mount it. Execute the included SilverFast Support Tool.

Support Tool for Windows

Please double-click the ZIP archive and extract its content. Start the SilverFast Support Tool.
Support Assistant (FAQ)
My Quato/Canon/Epson scanner was not found on my Mac OSX/macOS system.

My Quato/Canon/Epson scanner was not found on my Mac OS X / macOS system.

Only 32bit drivers are available, but an 64bit OS X/macOS system is being used.

In some cases installing an additional SilverFast version can reset the 32 Bit option to 64 bit.

Some OS X/macOS help/cleaning tools might reset the 32 Bit option, because it thinks that SilverFast runs better in 64 Bit mode.

In most cases SilverFast automatically configures the 32 Bit mode if necessary. If this is not the case, please configure the SilverFast application to be launched in 32bit mode manually:

First make sure you are logged in as an administrator.

You can locate the SilverFast executable file here:
/Applications/SilverFast Application/SilverFast 8/SilverFast8.app
Right-click (Ctrl+click) on the "SilverFast 8" application.
Select "Get Info".

Now just check the "Open in 32-bit mode".

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