SilverFast Basic
With version 6.5 SilverFast SE, SE Plus, DC SE and DC VLT include the new SilverFast Basic mode.

SilverFast Basic provides a simplified user interface to give beginners an easy introduction to SilverFast. In basic mode, users become familiar with the essential features of the imaging software while being presented only with minimum editing tools. Once a comfortable level is reached, users can switch to standard mode, where the full range of functionality and powerful features are available for increased productivity.
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SilverFast Highlights

Auto IT8 improved!
Scanner calibration

SRDx new!
Dust and Scratch Removal

iSRD® improved!
Scratch removal

Frame Detection improved!
Auto Frame

Printer Calibration new!
Optional Feature

Kodachrome new!
Many features

HDRi new!
HDR + infrared data

JobMonitor new!
the iPhone App

IFF+Engine new!
Optimized Frame Detection

more highlights