Conversion of RAW-Data
SilverFast allows a quick conversion of RAW-Data files in the background. This is done by choosing the images to be converted in the overview of the Virtual Light Table VLT, and dragging them into an album. The user can then decide when and if the conversion of the selected album should take place.

This tool is included in SilverFast DCPro Studio and HDR Studio.
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SilverFast Highlights

AutoFrame Alignment improved!
Rotate your images automatically to be horizontally aligned.

iSRD® improved!
Scratch removal

Auto IT8 improved!
Scanner calibration

IFF+Engine new!
Optimized Frame Detection

Multi-Exposure® improved!
More image details

SRDx new!
Dust and Scratch Removal

USM improved!
Unsharp Masking

ICC Printer Calibration improved!
ICC Printer Calibration

HDRi new!
HDR + infrared data

more highlights