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18. December 2017


Holiday Discounts until the New Year!

We would like to thank you for trusting in us and in our software and we would like to wish a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year for you and your families.

When it gets wintery and cold outside, it gets so much more comfortable indoors. While the snow falls outdoors, cosiness spreads at home. It‘s time to let the mind wander and to awake old memories …

Maybe you are using the peace and the leisurely hours to rekindle your memories stored on analog images. With SilverFast, this is very easily done, because its automatic image optimization offers suiting presets for many typical subjects such as landscapes, evening scenes or snow images. Especially for large amounts of images, a quick and easy handling is important.

Choose SilverFast until January 8, 2018 and take advantage of our 25% Christmas* offer or save up to € 400.00* when you buy a new scanner from us.

Order directly here in our Online Store.

* Notes: The promotional period ends on January 8th, 2018. The discount applies to all IT8 targets and SilverFast software versions as well as to the SRDx plug-in and PrinTao 8. The discount refers to the RRP and can not be combined with other offers. Scanner hardware is only available in select European countries.

19. October 2017


Stop trying to make digital film cameras happen

In the recent past, many camera manufacturers have brought devices onto the market, which can be described as a hybrid of analog and digital camera. These cameras often have a retro look and partly also the usability of analog cameras, the technology inside however, is digital. On the occasion of the recently released Yashica digiFilm Y35 www.popsci.com has taken a closer look at the past attempts of releasing successful hybrid models. The Digital Holga, the Nikon DF, the Polaroid Snap and the Leica M-D (Type 262) are good examples.

Some of these cameras have been realized through crowdfunding projects, others have been developed by well-known camera manufacturers. The products of both categories do not really offer any new or beneficial functionality, quite the contrary. Many users disliked the crowd-financed devices due to too basic technology and insufficient image quality. The models of the established companies are often very high-priced, but offer consciously less functionality than a comparable digital camera of the same manufacturer.

First and foremost however, all the hybrid models lack the charm of the original analog photography.

LaserSoft Imaging: « Conclusion: The best combination of analog and digital imaging is still to shot analog and to use a scanner for digitization. »

You can find the complete article on www.popsci.com.

29. September 2017


Youtube Review (German): The SRDx Photoshop Plug-in for Windows

The SRDx plug-in for Windows is available since yesterday. So it is pleasing us a lot that an excellent Youtube channel has already created a tutorial movie for our plug-in.

As digital artist, Anita Graf is very familiar with retouching in Photoshop. Working accurately and efficiently is essential in order to turn good images into outstanding images and photos into artworks. You may already be familiar with her movies around the topic of Photoshop and image processing – they are really worth seeing. In her current movie, she introduces the SRDx plug-in developed by LaserSoft Imaging. Using the SRDx plug-in, she quickly and easily retouches dust and scratches while saving time and nerves.

Anita Graf: « My motto: The reality is beautiful, with Photoshop I make it fantastic to me.

Being a digital artist, professional retouching belongs to my daily tasks. The SRDx Photoshop plug-in allows me to work quickly and neatly. The easy and intuitive handling makes it a valuable tool for Photoshop beginners as well as for professionals. »

Anita Graf from Stramani Photography has tested the SRDx Photoshop Plug-in. Watch her youtube movie to learn more about the SRDx plug-in. (Win Version)

Also visit the Stramani Photography website.

28. September 2017


SRDx Photoshop Plug-in – Now also available for Windows

When digitizing images with a scanner, dust and scratches from the analog original appear in the digitized image. Removing these defects with the Photoshop correction functionalities is difficult and time consuming.

The SRDx – Smart Removal of Defects plug-in thus is the ideal expansion for users who process their images in Photoshop. From now on you can also use the excellent dust and scratch removal tool SRDx, regarding which you have already contacted us, as a Photoshop and Photoshop Elements plug-in on Windows. It's available in Photoshop in the professional version with defect marker.

SRDx is seamlessly integrated with your accustomed workflow while complementing Photoshop´s already existing correction stamp tool by a function that uses a highly adjustable automatic detection to remove defects efficiently and without blur effects.

More information, movies and a free trial version can be found on our SRDx Photoshop Plug-in Website.

Stefan Riedl from the 4eck Media agency has extensively tested the SRDx Photoshop plug-in. Watch his review in the movie on the right. (Mac version)

27. September 2017


SilverFast 8.8 supports the new macOS operating system High Sierra

SilverFast 8.8 scanner and HDR software runs natively on Intel Mac systems from version OS X 10.7 (including macOS High Sierra). SilverFast is constantly being improved and extended by new features. Check here or directly in your SilverFast software to see if a free update is available for you.

Here you find a list of all supported scanners.

30. August 2017


Does Nikon introduce a successor to the successful CoolScan scanner series in September?

With a phenomenal announcement, Nikon has unveiled its new flagship for digitizing slides and negatives: the new top model has a resolution of real 15 megapixels, an autofocus and digitizes slides and negatives in very short time. There is no automatic film transport, but optional film holders for 35mm negative strips and slides. Recommended retail price for the device without holder: 3300 Euro.

Of course this is not about a scanner, but about the new D850 SLR digital camera. With a new function for converting negatives into positives, this device is intended to outstrip the competition and animate the boring and loveless megapixel contests. With this useful innovation, Nikon sets a clear sign in a time where analogue photography and digital photography co-exist already for many photographers: analogue photography is alive. It is even so important that the leading manufacturer of digital cameras has dedicated a function to it. 

Even though, unfortunately, there is no new Nikon scanner, this is a development that we, LaserSoft Imaging, can only applaud. A clearer statement on the continuing need for digitization of old and new footage can hardly be imagined.

We are very excited about how the quality of the negative to positive conversion with the DSLR D850 will turn out in practice. It is still unclear whether and how the camera takes into account different film emulsions and how the weaknesses in the image processing of 8bit files were solved. The bar is high, because for the price of the macro lens and the film holders alone, one gets already a very good film scanner which comes with high resolution, constant light source, a high density range, automatic film transport and infrared-based dust and scratch removal.

4. August 2017


SilverFast CEO flies once around the world

Worldflight | Karl-Heinz Zahorsky & Karl Karbach | Piper Malibu | N662TC

The two pilots, Karl-Heinz Zahorsky (President & CEO of LaserSoft Imaging) and Karl Karbach, have started their journey around the world on July 28 from Kiel, Germany. During their journey the Piper Malibu named "Spirit of Kiel" will take them to stages such as Croatia, Egypt, Sri Lanka, the Easter Island and the Cape Verde Islands. A long-held dream has just started …

The journey includes a donation from Karl-Heinz Zahorsky as well as the donation call for Dr. Reijntje's School for the Deaf in Sri Lanka. This school ensures that deaf young women get an education that makes it possible for them to earn their livelihood. It would be great if many readers supported this social project by participating in our Charity Fundraising.

The journey itself can be followed via webblog and flight tracking system.

2. August 2017


From setting up SilverFast to the optimized Scan

Learn how to efficiently start scanning with SilverFast scanner software

The instructions inside this First Step Guide are intended to help you to take the first steps along the path from analog to digital images. It is a practical guideline for the initial uses of SilverFast. Particular emphasis is therefore given to explaining the steps that will simplify your introduction to the software.

The First Step Guide is available in English, German, French and Spanish. There is also a Polish user translation (by Jacek Dunay).

The example pictures are taken from the Ai Studio version. Lower versions offer a smaller scope of settings so that descriptions may differ from what you see on your screen in some points.

You can download our free First Step Guide here as a PDF file.

Please note: We now also offer a Polish First Step Guide.

12. July 2017


SRDx supports additional Photoshop editions

Dust and Scratch Removal for Photoshop – Many additional Photoshop editions of the CS and Elements series will be supported with the latest SRDx Photoshop Plug-in.

SRDx is a Plug-in for Photoshop on the Mac with OS X version 10.10 or later. It requires an installed copy of Adobe Photoshop:
  • Photoshop CC, Photoshop CC 2014, Photoshop CC 2015.X, Photoshop CC 2017
  • Photoshop CS4, Photoshop CS5, Photoshop CS5.5, Photoshop CS6
  • Photoshop Elements 14, Photoshop Elements 15
More information, movies and a free trial version can be found on our SRDx Photoshop Plug-in Website.

Stefan Riedl from the 4eck Media agency has extensively tested the SRDx Photoshop plug-in. Watch his review in the movie on the right.

3. July 2017


SilverFast 8 for Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400

SilverFast 8 now supports the Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400 on current Windows systems

As a dedicated film scanner featuring an automatic feed for a film strip or up to four 35mm slides, the Scan Elite 5400 has an exceptionally high resolution, according to the manufacturer up to 5400dpi. With its resolution actually achievable for the user, the Minolta 5400 definitely plays in the top league. With the current version 8.8.0r9, SilverFast now supports this device on current 64bit Windows systems. The Minolta is already supported on Mac systems for some time.

Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400 Film Scanner A powerful 16 bit A/D converter is responsible for the high-quality scans. In addition, a highly developed AutoFocus system with automatic or manual sharpness adjusting provides crisp images. Using the professional scanner software SilverFast, even beginners can achieve brilliant images in the twinkling of an eye.

Owners of an older SilverFast version can upgrade their software here at significantly reduced prices. For an individual offer, click on the Upgrade button.


Note: Our proven SilverFast 6.6 software is still available for the Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400 II. However, please be aware of compatibility with your operating system.

8. June 2017


Advance notice: SilverFast 8.8 will support the upcoming macOS operating system High Sierra (10.13) – SilverFast 8.8 scanner and HDR software runs natively on Intel Mac systems from version OS X 10.7 (including macOS High Sierra). SilverFast is constantly being improved and extended by new features. Check here or directly in your SilverFast software to see if a free update is available for you.

7. June 2017


NEW: Kodachrome Magazine, Issue I

Kodak launches Kodachrome, A new Magazine for Film and Art Lovers

Kodak’s new magazine features articles from the worlds of art and film. The company deliberately opted for print rather than digital format, demonstrating its love for all things analog. Each issue of Kodachrome includes stories about the different fields of art.

The first issue was released in May in a limited-edition run, with 76 pages of features, photography and illustration. It includes articles about actress and filmmaker Chloë Sevigny, illustrator Tad Carpenter, film artist Isaac Julien, the team behind Kodak’s famous Coloramas and reason why independent magazines today are successful again.

Kodak: « Conceived by Kodak, but about so much more than Kodak – be it writing, sculpture, music, graphics, or all manner of delights in between. Each issue, we bring you stories and conversations from around the globe that showcase our shared fascination with creation, craft and inspiration. »

LaserSoft Imaging congratulates Kodak on the successful launch of its new magazine and wishes a lot of success for the upcoming issues. We are pleased that the trend back towards the analog and, in particular, analog photography continues.

16. May 2017


The Death of Digital Photography as We Know It

Digital camera manufacturers struggle to develop real innovations, consumers do not feel the need to upgrade, the camera market is shrinking significantly.

proMuser’s Global Digital Camera Report shows that total digital camera production is dropping steadily and for January 2017 it has been less than half the most recent high-point in October 2014. One of the market’s main problems: a lack of innovation. Canon released its professional EOS 5D Mk IV in September 2016. The camera is an excellent piece of technology, but Canon had not changed enough from the previous model to encourage customers to upgrade.

Camera reviewer Ken Rockwell about Canon's 5D Mk IV release: « … Canon didn’t need to; it already has [most features] covered in the 5D Mk III. The 5D series sells very few cameras compared to Canon’s [consumer level] DSLRs, so we ought to be glad that Canon actively develops new models that don’t do much for profits (and eat into sales of other Canon cameras), … »

Photography once has been an entirely analog process, and film photography today experiences some kind of comeback by consumers looking for something new. It is a little bit strange to describe film as "something new", but a survey by Ilford Photo in 2015 found out that 30 percent of film users were not older than 35 years. 60 percent have started film photography in the last five years.

As digital camera sales stagnate and manufacturers do not success in exciting their customers, the industry would do well to stop ignoring the rebirth of analog film.

You can find the complete article on PetaPixel.com.

10. May 2017


Come visit us at the TexProcess at the Epson Stand B35 in Hall 4

LaserSoft Imaging at TexProcess – International trade fair for the international garment-manufacturing and textile processing industry – May 9 - 15 in Frankfurt, Germany

We're introducing our brand-new SilverFast TexColorAnalyzer. SilverFast TexColorAnalyzer turns your scanner into a high-quality measuring tool for textile manufacturing processes. Measure your color and share it on the DMIx network with production stages all around the world for consistent colors throughout the whole process.

After calibrating the scanner with one of LaserSoft Imaging's own high-quality IT8 charts, the fabric sample is scanned and its color values are transmitted into the DMIx cloud where they can be accessed from all over the world.

SilverFast TexColorAnalyzer reduces the time necessary and the number of samples and test prints significantly.

Profit from the expertise of the three partner companies Epson, ColorDigital and LaserSoft Imaging.

5. May 2017


PrinTao 8 available for additional EPSON and CANON printers

LaserSoft Imaging's PrinTao 8 now supports Epson® SureColor SC-P5000 and Canon® imagePROGRAF Pro-1000 Large Format Printers.

With the latest PrinTao 8 update version 8.0r11, we have added two additional printers, the Canon imagePROGRAF Pro-1000 and the Epson SureColor SC-P5000. Owners of these two large format printers can now also benefit from the advantages of PrinTao 8 printing software for MacOS. Whether it has been shot analog or digital, it is a great feeling, to have wonderful self-shot photographs magnified and printed.

PrinTao 8 enables color-true prints without having the user to care about complicated printer drivers. PrinTao 8 takes over the complete color management, thus the user can completely concentrate on his images. With PrinTao 8, color-accurate prints are not a random product.

PrinTao 8 is available for Mac OS X from 10.9 for a variety of Epson and Canon Large Format Printers. The software can be downloaded from the PrinTao 8 website starting at 99.00 Euro for the PRO-1000.

From layouting to color-true printing, PrinTao 8 simplifies the complete process for ambitious hobby photographers and for professionals alike. A clearly structured Start-Pilot allows to quickly select printer, paper type and size as well as the printing quality. PrinTao 8 means effortless professional printing.

For more information on PrinTao 8, just click here.

25. April 2017


Sony World Photography Awards 2017

SWPA & Martin Parr - 2017 Exhibition at Somerset House, London, 21st April - 7th May, 2017.

logo_SWPA It has been the 10th time already that the World Photography Organisation and Sony have awarded the winners of the various categories of the Sony World Photography Awards (SWPA). 30 pictures out of 227.596 have been chosen and are displayed until Mai 7 in Somerset House in London.

The photos for the SWPA 2018 can be submitted from this June on. The competition is divided into the 4 subcategories “professional“, “open“, “Youth“ and “Student“. Depending on the category participation requires a single image or a small series. Now that's an opportunity to grab your (analog) camera. You can get the scan software for the digitization in our Online Store.

Of course, you can enjoy the winner's pictures without participating.

13. April 2017


1. World Market Leader Forum at Louisenlund, Germany

14 "Hidden Champions" – companies from Germany‘s northernmost state of Schleswig-Holstein, which are world market leaders in their respective niche markets – presented themselves to more than 250 pupils at the the Boarding House Foundation of Louisenlund. LaserSoft Imaging was there.

Since one year, the Boarding House Foundation of Louisenlund is the first plus-MINT young talent center in Schleswig-Holstein. Since many students have indicated that they want to leave the state after graduation from high school to find work in an attractive company, Prime Minister Albig and Louisenlund Manager Rösner came up with the idea to host a world market leader forum.

On April 6th, this was held in cooperation with the Economic Development Agency WTSH and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Schleswig-Holstein as well as the sh:z Media House.

« With the World Market Leader Forum, we will be able to get the MINT young talents in direct contact with the world market leaders and universities of our state, to discuss their ideas and to get a picture of career perspectives, » explained Dr. Peter Rösner the idea of ​​this world market leader forum and adds: « In addition, we offer companies and research institutes an exclusive networking opportunity and an appropriate framework to discuss future, research and innovation in Schleswig-Holstein. »

As a premium partner of the WTSH, LaserSoft Imaging was represented as the world market leader in the area of scanner, image archiving and image processing software at its own fair booth. We explained the necessity of digitizing analog image material to the interested students. Many historic documents, which are regarded as World Cultural Heritage, have not yet been digitized and are constantly exposed to the danger of being lost forever through destruction, fungal decay or fading of colors.

3. April 2017


Successful week for LaserSoft Imaging at CeBIT 2017 trade fair!

Every year, the masses surge to the world's largest IT fair in Hanover, Germany. And for many years, they are also visiting our LaserSoft Imaging booth to find out about the topics of scanning, image archiving and image processing.

As a longtime official co-exhibitor of our partner EPSON, we were again present at the EPSON booth in order to present the use of the high-quality EPSON devices with our SilverFast software in practice.

Representatives of local authorities and municipalities as well as IT merchants were particularly interested in our products of the Office series. Our special solutions the OfficeScan&Print MFP EP-2000 and OfficePrinter EP-500 are optimized for being used in offices and government agencies. They ensure ICAO-compliant scanning and printing results. hese devices support the DIGANT process of the German Bundesdruckerei, but are also ideally suited as normal office scanners and printers. (More information on www.OfficeScanner.de, German)

Analog photography is alive. More and more photographers are moving back to analog devices. Thus, film maker Kodak has recently reissued a discontinued film. Therewith, the need for digital archiving of cultural history documents and objects is growing and growing. Through destruction and loss, cultural heritage is lost. Even with optimum storage conditions, the loss of image information of analog film material continues over the years.

We would like to thank our numerous visitors, among others Dirk Loßack (State Secretary for Education), for an exciting CeBIT week and the company EPSON for the successful trade fair organization.

28. February 2017


New Features included with the latest SilverFast Version 8.8.0r8

The new SilverFast version 8.8.0r8 has been released and brings some new features, which we would like to introduce to you below. The ICC profile you are using is now displayed directly, SilverFast has a full screen view and the SilverFast ColorServer Edition includes a new Setup-Pilot.

New Scanner: SilverFast 8.8 now also supports the Plustek OpticPro A 320.

Display of the currently used ICC Profile

SilverFast now displays the input profile used for the current scan or image processing job just left below the preview window. Now you can make sure you have selected the correct ICC profile with just a quick look. You may change the profile used in the "Preferences" in the "CMS" tab at the "Input" entry. SilverFast includes a whole range of scanner-specific input profiles, and if you are using SilverFast Ai Studio‘s scanner calibration, you will create your own individual ICC profiles.


button_buy_now_en button_update_now_en button_upgrade_now_en

Full Screen View and "Lights off" View

SilverFast now features a full screen view for a better evaluation of your image optimizations. All tools fade out and your image is shown enlarged on a black background. This allows you to concentrate completely on your desired image. Press the «ESC» key to exit full screen view. The "Lights off" button hides the tools without magnifying the image. (The "Lights off" view is available in SilverFast Ai Studio and SilverFast HDR Studio, the full screen view only in SilverFast HDR Studio.)



Setup-Pilot for the ColorServer

Using the SilverFast ColorServer you will process and optimize your images fully automatically. You create HotFolders and sets of image processing rules. SilverFast monitors your Hotfolders and applies your rules to all image files, which get stored in your Hotfolders. Compared to a manual adjustment of processing parameters for each individual image you can save a lot of work and time using the ColorServer.

In order to make it easier for you to create HotFolders, the SilverFast ColorServer now features a Setup-Pilot. This Setup-Pilot will guide you through the creation of a HotFolder step by step, explaining all the options and settings. It's that easy.

More information on the ColorServer can be found on our website.

If you have questions about using the ColorServer or if you are interested to try a test installation, please contact: colorserver@silverfast.com


27. February 2017


SilverFast Training at Computer Advantage enters next round

Training: Scanning and Archiving Your Old Film and Photos

The 2hour-SilverFast Training at Computer Advantage will be held by Boris Bischof, US Director of LaserSoft Imaging. Moving along the contemporary principles of scanning and image reproduction in a friendly atmosphere, you will learn about different workflows and how to create beautiful images using SilverFast. The training takes place at a comfortable pace in a professional setting with todays scanners from leading manufacturers such as Epson, Canon and others.

Location: Computer Advantage, 7810 N Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34243

Date and Time: March 30, 2017
  1. Training: 02:00 pm to 04:00 pm or
  2. Training: 04:30 pm to 06.30 pm
Participation Fee: $ 49,-

To enroll for the training, please e-mail to training@silverfast.com

20. February 2017


The Battle with Dust and Scratches 2.0

SRDx Photoshop CC Plug-in for Apple Mac - Smart Removal of Defects

Sebastian Schlüter is a photography artist, who's work can be described as a personal record of his observations. He would even call it an extension or a diversified document of all his encounters. His creative tool is photography, Sebastian's style is pure, honest and calm. While he uses both digital and film cameras Sebastian has a preference for the subtle and simple style of film photography. SilverFast is his choice to transfer his analog images to the digital world.

(Please click to enlarge)
The new innovative SRDx Plug-in (Smart Removal of Defects) is a powerful Photoshop CC Plug-in for Mac that efficiently removes defects like dust and scratches from your images. Sebastian has published a detailed review on his photography blog. He also introduces his own preferred dust removal workflow. More information, movies and a free trial version can be found on our SRDx Photoshop Plug-in Website.

Sebastian Schlüter: « What I really like about this plugin, is the simple and responsive way of using it. If you have worked with Photoshop before you won´t have any problems using it. […] During all my tests I did not see any reduction of image sharpness. »

For the complete review, please visit Sebastian's Blog.

6. February 2017


Hotrod Shooting – 300 Megapixel – Analog vs Digital

Markus Hofstaetter has photographed a hotrod in a customer's order – digital and also analog.

(Please click to enlarge)
Markus Hofstaetter, award-winning professional photographer from Austria, gets a very special task from a customer: He is supposed to photograph the customer's hotrod, an old and specially converted American car, in the highest possible resolution for a huge printout. The customer's dog should sit on the fender. Not an easy task.

For this challenge Hofstaetter decides to need a resolution of about 300 megapixels. Therefore, on the one hand he puts together a 24-part panoramic image with his digital camera and on the other hand he shoots an analog image with his large format camera. Both images were presented to the customer for decision.

Markus Hofstaetter: « I’m so happy that the customer chose the Analog version, it fits so much better to the car. I’m pretty sure, that this cars were shot with large format cameras too back then. »

You can find the complete blog entry and further images here at Markus Hofstaetter's blog.

ektachrome This shows that analog photography is still useful today in the digital age. There are countless slides and film strips, which are still lying on roofs and in slide magazines or shoeboxes and are waiting to get digitized and, if necessary, optimized by retouching. and the usage of analog cameras is increasing. In order to address this trend, Kodak is even reviving the popular Ektachrome film due to many customer requests.

1. February 2017


SilverFast and Epson Expression 12000 XL: New large-format scanner for highest quality demands

The new Expression 12000XL keeps up the strengths of its predecessor; its high resolution, the manual and automatic focus and the optional transparency unit make it a hiqh quality scanner not only for your photos, but also for slides, 35mm film strips and larger film formats. You'll benefit from the scanner's full potential with the bundled SilverFast Ai IT8 software with automatic color calibration.


The packaged SilverFast software as usual offers a scope of functions that you'll need for the digitization of your images, like histogram, gradation curve, color cast removal with up to 4 neutral points, dust and scratch removal and various color correction tools.

For the quick and efficient digitization of your images with our raw data concept, we recommend to upgrade to SilverFast Archive Suite.

The Epson Expression 12000XL with SilverFast Ai IT8 and LaserSoft Imaging IT8 charts will soon be available on the market.

13. January 2017


digit! - Detailled SRDx Photoshop Plug-in Review

The digit!, a German professional's magazine for digital images, introduces the new SRDx Photoshop CC plug-in for the Mac.

(please click to enlarge)
Michael Marczok, editor at the German magazin digit! – The professional magazine for digital images – has had a closer look on LaserSoft Imaging‘s new SRDx Photoshop plug-in. The innovative SRDx (Smart Removal of Defects) plug-in efficiently removes small defects like dust and scratches from your precious images to have them shine again.

Having finished his in-depth tests, Michael gives testimony: « LaserSoft Imaging‘s Photoshop plug-in SRDx removes image distortions in scanned originals in such a smart way that it appears almost magical. […] The time savings which can be generated are enormous. And time is money, not just for photographers. Our recommendation: Purchase instantly. »

The complete article can be found in the latest digit! magazine issue or here as a PDF file.