SilverFast 6.6

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SilverFast Product Family
Features and functional differences
SilverFast scanner versions
Scansoftware for specific scanner
User InterfaceSE PlusSE
2-Level User Interface (Standard / Expert)  
3-Part Output Histogram  
basic_31x25pixBasic Dialogue (switchable to Standard Dialogue)
Logo_Multiple_Densitometer_31x25pxDensitometer: 1 point or 4 points11
Display RGB or CMYK Channels  
CorrectionSE PlusSE
AACO_31x25pixAACO, Auto Adaptive Contrast Optimisation 
ACR_31x25pixACR®, Adaptive Color Restoration
AUTOADJUST_31x25pixAuto-Image-Adjust with artificial intelligence
Color-cast removal slider
descreening_31x25pixDescreening: scaleable dialogue with preview / dialogue with preview / presets and manually- / - /
+ auto screendetection
- / - /
GANE_31x25pixGANE®, Grain and Noise elimination: full dialogue / limited dialogue / -
scaleable dialogue
- /
midpip_31x25pixMidPip, Neutralising Pipette: number of points11
multiexposure_31x25pixMultiExposure® (optional, hardware depending)
(optional, hardware depending)
multisampling_31x25pixMultisampling: with pixel alignment / hardware based / - /
hardware depending
NEGAFIX_31x25pixNegaFix®, Negative film optimization: CCR / preset profiles for negatives / adjustable profiles / / - / / -
Realtime_31x25pixReal-time corrections
SC2G_31x25pixSC2G, Selective Colour to Grey conversion
only presets
SCC_31x25pixSCC®, Layers and masks11
SRD_31x25pixSRD®, Smart Removal of Defects: full dialogue with n masks and layers / limited dialogue (1 layer)- / - /
iSRD_31x25pixiSRD®, infrared Smart Removal of Defects, limited dialogue (hardware depending)
iSRD_31x25pixiSRD®, infrared Smart Removal of Defects, unlimited dialogue (hardware depending)  
usm_31x25pixUSM, Unsharp masking: scaleable dialogue with preview / dialogue with preview / presets / - / -- / / -
Color ManagementSE PlusSE
Full Colour Management and ICC-Workflow / limited Colour Management and ICC-Workflow- / - /
Gamma synchronization
it8targetauto_31x25pixIT8-Calibration (Auto IT8 with 6.5.0r6): included / optional  
kodachrome_31x25pixKodachrome profile embedded (depending on scanner - please check homepage) 
Logo_Printer-Calibration_31x25pxPrinter-Calibration (optional with 6.6.0r1; only in combination with IT8-Calibration possible)  
Softproof CMYK  
Softproof RGB  
Printing FeaturesSE PlusSE
Print options: simple / PrinTao (simple mode with copy function) / PrinTao (enhanced print option with layout functionalities)- / / - / - / -
photoproof_31x25pixPhotoProof®, always optional  
ProductivitySE PlusSE
autoborder_31x25pixAuto frame detection
sf_alignment_31x25pixAuto frame alignment and rotation 
BATCH_31x25pixBatch processing, Batch scan
colorserver_31x25pixHot-Folder (optional)  
colorserver_31x25pixColorServer (optional)  
Enhanced zoom concept  
Logo_HiRePP_31x25HiRePP, High Resolution Picture Performance
Logo_QuickTime-Movies_31x25QuickTime Movie Tutorials
Zoom: standard (via magnifyer button) / flexible (cia Ctrl-click or pop-up selection) / - / -
Supported Input/Output FormatsSE PlusSE
RAW_31x25pixRAW data formats of supported cameras  
Adobe® DNG input format  
HDRi_31x25pix64 Bit HDRi TIFF (only with scanners supporting iSRD)
48 Bit RGB TIFF: with / without SilverFast adjustments- / - /
JPEG2000_31x25pix48 Bit RGB JPEG2000: with / without SilverFast adjustments- /  
32 Bit CMYK TIFF  
pdfexport_31x25pix24 Bit RGB TIFF, JPEG, PDF