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Dear valued SilverFast user,

in the meantime SilverFast SE Plus and SilverFast Ai Studio with Multi-Exposure have created quite an impact with many scanner users.

Now SilverFast Multi-Exposure (ME) is available for your scanner (ArtixScan120tf, ArtixScan1100, ArtixScan2500, ArtixScan2500F or SprintScan 120). You know that you already have a very good scanner but now we have added a new dimension to your scanner with SilverFast Multi-Exposure.

In order to make the phenomenal increase in dynamic range and quality with SilverFast ME more understandable and obvious, we have converted the logarithmic dynamic range values to luminance variations, since this is what is creating the shades, which show up as image details. So more shades means more details can be differentiated and made visible!


You can clearly see the SF Multi-Exposure has increased the number of shades from 700 to 12.000, which is a phenomenal increase!

Dr. Eric Vlietinck of the The IT-Enquirer writes:
".... SilverFast Multi-Exposure feature that brings out detail in a photograph and increases the odds that your scanner's dynamic range will be used to its full potential.
....I for one, am hooked to the concept. I have started scanning all my negatives and slides all over again, with Multi-Exposure set to 2 for all photographs except the darkest ones."

Try the demo to see for yourself what your scanner can do!

Best wishes

Karl-Heinz Zahorsky
President & CEO
LaserSoft Imaging

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