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  1. SilverFast's enhanced Multi-Sampling with Auto-Alignment brings greatest Quality Boost to Scanners!
  2. NegaFix Pro - Get brilliant Results from any Negative Film - See how it's done!
Dear SilverFast User!

We have now further enhanced our powerful Multi-Sampling with Auto-Alignment in SilverFast SE Plus and Ai STUDIO. As we are continually striving to improve our software features, Multi-Sampling has been enhanced even further. Some scanners produced scans with Multi-Sampling that were not as sharp as they could have been - that has been enhanced now. The Upgrades to SilverFast Ai STUDIO and SilverFast SE Plus have been a great success! Now every scanner will get the significant quality boost, so this is the time to upgrade to SF SE Plus or Ai STUDIO! SilverFast Ai and all Studio-Versions come with NegaFix Expert Dialogue. We have created a Quicktime movie to show how any kind of negative film can be turned into a brilliant picture with SilverFast's NegaFix Expert function. In general more than 120 different film profiles handle of your negative film perfectly. In case the existing profiles do not match or there is a profile missing, see how you can adjust existing pofiles or create a new one.

Dynamic Range Increase with SilverFast Multi-Sampling enhanced

We have measured the Dynamic Range increase according to the new ISO standard ISO 21550 and as you can see in the diagram below, SilverFast's Multi-Sampling yields dramatic improvement for scanner Dynamic Range. Read more about how Dynamic Range effects scanner quality , what DMAX and Density mean and how the unique patent-pending SilverFast Multi- Sampling process works.

Comment from Vincent Oliver, Editor, UK
.......All the scans are mixed in together (means all sequential scans are averaged) and the random noise is thereby eliminated. The only problem that could occur is that there might be a slight movement in between passes, LaserSoft Imaging has built in an intelligent auto-alignment feature which should and does cure any slight movement.
...In short the Multi-Sampling feature is well worth having.

Comment from Kirk Gittings, Photographer:
The new multisampling feature in SF Studio appears in my testing to be breakthrough.
.. It would be hard to surpass the noise reduction of SF Studio.

Read here how SilverFast's phenomenal Multi-Sampling is working:

SilverFast NegaFix - how to get brilliant results from your negative film

The standard NegaFix dialog supplies all settings to adjust your negative film conveniently. The secret of the power of NegaFix lies in the automatic adjustment with its built in intelligence and its ability to use the full dynamic range of any scanner in 16 bit (or the scanner's maximum capability). Some of the comments below exemplify how successful NegaFix is:

NegaFix_Dialog_en box1_de

User comments:
I use SilverFast AI6 with Negafix (Microtek 1800f scanner), and I shoot Portra 160VC almost exclusively. The results with SilverFast are excellent and require little correction. Negafix has profiles for many different types of negative film, including Kodak NC, VC and UC series.
Give it a try. Why give up a film you like because of an easily solved software problem?
William Kahn

I always use NegaFix because of its built-in film profiles...
Joe Farace, Editor Shutterbug

I almost never got good negative scans until SilverFast came out with NegaFix film profiles, now I consistantly get good results.
Hassel, Atlanta


Also learn more about how to take full advantage of NegaFix with the following tutorials and movies:

See all existing NegaFix Profiles here:

Upgrade to SilverFast SE Plus:

Upgrade to SilverFast Ai STUDIO:

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