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The Minolta Company

Minolta, until 2003, was alongside Canon and Nikon one of the world’s biggest camera manufacturers as well as one of the oldest camera manufacturers in Japan.

Already founded in 1928, the later brand name Minolta, which stands for mechanism, instruments, optic and lenses, merged with Tashima (which was the last name of the company’s founder).

In 2003, Minolta Co., Ltd. merged with the Konica Corporation, out of which the company Konica Minolta later originated.

SilverFast for Your Minolta Scanner

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Professional Scanner Software for Minolta Scanners

Alongside digital and DSLR cameras, copy and printer systems as well as color and light measuring devices, Minolta also produced film scanners. SilverFast supports a wide variety of these devices and its unique features improve the hardware’s scope and efficiency.

SilverFast offers in-house designs that ensure that some Minolta scanner models can even be used with current operating systems.

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Supported Scanners

SilverFast is adjusted to each scanner model individually. The listed scanners have been tested and are supported by our software.

System Requirements

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