QuickTime Movies Online Training


QuickTime Movies Online Training
SilverFast is the first imaging software to supply Quicktime Tutorial Movies with sound as online training. In addition each dialog of SilverFast has its own dedicated Quicktime movie built in. The user can instantly understand and know how to operate the function exemplified by the movie. Sophisticated software has never been easier to use.

QuickTime Player for Windows-Users
Users of Windows OS can download and install QuickTime from Apple Computer's website:

In case you have downloaded an update or a new SilverFast version from the web you might not have the latest manual or you did not have a movie installer at all. The link above will get you to the relevant download page.
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SilverFast Highlights

USM 改良!
Unsharp Masking

Hot-Folder 新バージョン!
Image processing in batch mode

JobMonitor 新バージョン!
JobManager iPhone App

AutoFrame Alignment 改良!
Rotate your images automatically to be horizontally aligned.

Frame Detection 改良!
inklusive IFF+ Engine

iSRD 改良!
Infrared Dust & Scratch Removal

Printer Calibration 新バージョン!
Optional Feature

Kodachrome 新バージョン!
Kodachromes without Blue Cast

HDRi 新バージョン!
HDR + infrared data

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