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SilverFast Stand-Alone Application

SilverFast can now be operated by its own Stand-Alone application in addition to the existing Photoshop plug-in and Twain module. The advantage of the "SF Launcher" is the small memory requirement (only 2-4 MB) and the significantly faster loading of the application.

SilverFast now ships with SF Launcher, a small application that is capable of launching the SilverFast plug-in. It works as an alternative way of calling SilverFast if you don't need the full functions of Photoshop.

Using SF Launcher is easy:
  • first open the the "SF Launcher" application.
  • a selection box lists all installed SilverFast Photoshop plug-ins.
  • select the plug-in of your choice and click the "Import" button... the chosen SilverFast plug-in will launch.

SF Launcher's choices refer to SilverFast plug-in(s) installed inside the SilverFast application folder. These plug-ins will be launched from the "SF Launcher" application.

The final scans will be saved directly to disk.

SilverFast Highlights

JobMonitor new!
JobManager iPhone App

SRDx new!
Dust and Scratch Removal

ICC Printer Calibration improved!
Color calibrate your Printer

IFF+Engine new!
Optimized Frame Detection

Hot-Folder new!
Image processing in batch mode

HDRi new!
HDR + infrared data

Auto IT8 Calibration improved!
Color calibrate your Scanner

iSRD improved!
Infrared Dust & Scratch Removal

USM improved!
Unsharp Masking

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