SilverFast for Polaroid

Polaroid LaserSoft Imaging is proud to announce a bundle partnership with Polaroid.

After many months of vigorous development, we now offer the capability to scan using SilverFast with these exceptional scanners. The new SilverFast for Polaroid version takes advantage of the excellent SprintScan 4000 features, and adds some handsome features as well. SilverFast Ai now supports SprintScan 45 Ultra and SprintScan 120.

Professional Photographer 07/2001

On a roll

"Polaroid has produced an absolute winner here (SprintScan 120). The high dynamic range captures shadow detail well, particularly noticeable when the SilverFast software is used. The inclusion of SilverFast's HDR program is the icing on the cake, allowing photographers to have a second look at any previous scans."

For more info about SilverFast for Polaroid please visit Polaroid's site.

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