Polaroid SprintScan Film Strip Scanning

scan_mode The Sprint Scan 4000 is packaged with two film holders. One for slides and one for negative film. SilverFast allows two methods of scanning using these holders.

Using the normal method, SilverFast will present you with an overview of all images in the holder. Then you can pick the one you wish to view in the prescan window.

The second method is to use the batch mode capability of SilverFast. Using this, you can have SilverFast auto-correct each image in the holder and scan them all automatically. Or you can set up a correction and have it applied to all images in the batch.

You have the choice of image output in SilverFast. It can be sent to Photoshop, or it can be sent direct to a file in JPEG, TIFF or EPSF format.

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