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LaserSoft Imaging, founded in 1986, is worldwide known as a pioneer of scanner and digital imaging software. SilverFast is the standard in the field of Scanning and Archiving Software, featuring powerful highlights like fully automatic IT8 Calibration and Multi-Exposure function (both patented). The printing solution PrinTao 8 has great success in the area of Large Format Printers since 2013.
Latest SilverFast
Software Release:
8.8.0r17 (November 25th, 2019)

SilverFast Scanner and Image Processing Software

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Discover our video tutorials and learn more about using SilverFast
Get to know our All-in-One "Scanner & Software" packages
Use our SRDx Photoshop plug-in for scratch and defect removal
Find out how users and reviewers on Youtube experience SilverFast

SilverFast Scanner and Image Processing Software

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Scanning. Proven. Optimized.

(SilverFast SE, SE Plus, Ai Studio)

This well-known scanner software aims at all those, who want to get the most out of their scanners when creating digital images. Proven and innovative tools.

Learn more about it and why our SilverFast is the world-wide leading software.

Image Processing. Different. Focused.

(SilverFast HDR, HDR Studio)

HDR Studio is different and this is on purpose. It focuses on the essential functionality of image editing and it masters this perfectly.

Learn more about it and why it is worthwhile to try our alternative.

Scanning & Image Processing. 1+1=3. In one Package.

box_archive_suite (SilverFast Archive Suite SE, Archive Suite)

The Archive Suite is the complete solution. It provides a unique concept for efficiently digitizing and processing your images.

Learn more about it and why you should trust our Archive Suite.

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Testimonials – Latest Customer Opinions


George DeWolfe – PHOTOGRAPHY



Scanner Manufacturers – Supported Devices


The scanners of Japanese manufacturer Canon are predominantly flatbed scanners, which often also feature transparency units for scanning film material.


Epson flatbed scanners are suitable for digitizing documents and photographs as well as for scanning slides, negatives and film strips using an integrated transparency unit.


Microtek produces film scanners and primarily flatbed scanners (up to DIN A3 size) since many years. Some of the flatbed scanners include film scanning capabilities.


Especially with their DiMAGE scanner series, Minolta has developed several successful film scanners, which are still in use today and convince with good scanning results.


For scanning slides and negatives the discontinued devices of Japanese Nikon CoolScan brand are still among the most popular and highest quality scanners.


As a long standing film and slide scanner developer, the Taiwanese company of Pacific Image Electronics is still on the scanner market with current devices today.


Scanner manufacturer Plustek serves the worldwide market successfully with a variety of flatbed, book and film scanners (from small slide to medium format).


German company of reflecta develops film and slide scanners of convincing quality since many years. reflecta distributes its products primarily in Europe.

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Articles & Reviews

« The most innovative change should be the SRDx tool […] he automatic setting is able to detect image defects quickly and reliably. In addition, the premium versions Ai Studio 8.8 and HDR Studio 8.8 contain supplementary tools, which greatly simplify the editing. »

digit! (12/2015)
« Organizations like NASA, Museums and the Getty Foundation all use SilverFast Archive Suite, and I can see why. In my tests, their scratch and dust removal technology (iSRD) greatly outperformed other software often bundled with scanners. »

Outdoor Photography Canada (12/2015)

Special Feature

SRDx_31x25pix SilverFast‘s reliable Dust and Scratch Removal now available for black and white film. SRDx features entirely new algorithms to detect and accurately remove defects like dust particles and scratches on color film, negatives and now, for the first time, black and white film, and photographs as well.

More about SRDx …

JobMonitor_31x31pix This App is an iOS monitor for keeping track of scanning and image processing jobs performed by main application SilverFast 8. The App serves as a status monitor for the SilverFast JobManager.

More about the JobMonitor …

VLT_31x25pix The SilverFast VLT is a Virtual Light Table, a kind of image file browser for scanned images. The VLT is used for selecting the desired scans for image optimization in batch mode quickly and well-arranged.

More about the VLT …

HDRi_31x25pix The SilverFast HDRi RAW data format uses 64bit HDRi color files, that contain all readable image information. This includes the information of the infrared channel, which's data can be used for dust and scratch removal.

More about HDRi …

sf_icon_archive_31x25 The SilverFast Archive Suite was designed for archiving slides and photos in a quick and straightforward way. Multi-Exposure, IT8 calibration and the new 64bit HDRi RAW data format with infrared channel allow an optimum HDR workflow.

More about the Archive Suite …
sf_icon_me_31x25 Using SilverFast's Multi-Exposure the original gets scanned twice at different exposure values. From these two scans SilverFast then calculates the final high quality HDR-Scan with a considerably increased Dynamic Range (contrast spread).

More about Multi-Exposure …

sf_icon_kodachrome_31x25 The usual blue cast is eliminated by calibrating the scanner with a newly developed SilverFast Kodachrome IT8 target. Multi-Exposure prevents any details from getting lost and the improved SRD & iSRD algorithms free Kodachrome slides from dust and scratches.

More about Kodachrome …

sf_icon_isrd_31x25 While scanning a slide, even the smallest scratches and dust particles become aberrations, that can't be ignored. Some scanners feature an additional infrared channel, which's data can be used by SilverFast iSRD for defect detection and elimination.

More about iSRD …
sf_icon_autoit8_31x25 For a true color image rendition of scanned originals it's important to initially calibrate the scanner - with SilverFast two mouse clicks will do. Therefore LaserSoft Imaging manufactures high-quality IT8 targets in own production.

More about Auto IT8 Calibration …



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