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    The Leafscan 45 is a film scanner for digitizing color and b&w 35mm, 2 & 4x5 negatives and slides. The award-winning scanner delivers color purity, wide dynamic range and image resolution that only drum scanners have been able to provide in the past. The scanner provides the highest dynamic range of any desktop scanner, reproducing the finest gradations within shadows and highlights without artifacts. The scanner can scan at a whopping 5,080 dpi with an optical density of 3.7.Leafscanners continue to be the workhorse scanners of many newspapers. Commercial photographers have known for years that their Leafscans are crisp and clean.
    While these scanners can be used with the traditional SCSI interface there might be a problem when using newer versions of the operating system (for Mac Computers SCSI doesn't work too well on newer systems).
    Sometimes suitable SCSI Cards are also hard to find (especially for the latest Macs but also for the latest PC's and for Notebooks in general), so we recommend to use a Firewire to SCSI Adapter.

    Please see our supported adapters for details.
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