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Canon's product range predominantly consists of flatbed scanners for digitizing reflective originals. Some scanners feature an additional transparency unit, that allows to also digitize negatives, slides and filmstrips. The quality of some models is really impressive and suited to rival dedicated film and slide scanners. Just by using SilverFast Multi-Exposure®, devices like the CanoScan 9000F and CanoScan 9000F Mark II can achieve a Dynamic Range between 3.6 and 3.9. This means, the hardware is able to capture over 9.500 different shades of gray.

SilverFast is included in many Canon scanner's package of delivery to turn these scanners into professional devices, that deliver high quality scans. If you are going to purchase a new Canon scanner, we recommend to assure SilverFast is included with the device. From prescan to optimization to digital output, you will benefit from SilverFast‘s features and highlights. If you don‘t own a copy of SilverFast for your CanoScan device yet, of course you can get it right now.

SilverFast 8 vs Canon Scanner Utility

This video explains the benefits of scanner software SilverFast 8 compared to the Canon Scanner Utility (ScanGear) in use with the CanoScan 9000F Mark II.


Scanner Selection

Select your Canon model to obtain scanner-specific information. Download demos and updates, check compatibility and prices.

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Our movies will introduce all SilverFast highlights and advantages to you, quick and easy to understand. Below you can directly select some movies showing the most important SilverFast features.

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Canon Ai Studio Features | Multi-Exposure | iSRD | Kodachrome | WorkflowPilot


Thanks to its unique features and highlights SilverFast has become world standard for scanner software. A majority of these features is patented and protected by trademark law.

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Multi-Exposure | WorkflowPilot | Multi-Tasking | IT8 Calibration

Press & Testimonials

International newspapers and magazines have tested SilverFast and are excited with the results. Read here what editors and customers think about SilverFast. Some of the articls are Canon specific reviews.
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Customers about SilverFast & Canon | Shutterbug (9000F)

Support & Forum

For questions or problems regarding SilverFast and Canon scanners, please refer to the support overview page, which provides a variety of useful links, like our Canon forum, the general FAQ and the current system requirements.
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Forum flatbed scanners | Forum film scanners | System Requirements

64Bit HDRi & Archive Suite

SilverFast's 64bit HDRi format contains all readable image information along with the data of the infrared channel. For a perfect HDRi workflow, we recommend the SilverFast Archive Suite for your Canon scanner.
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Movie 64bit HDRi | Archive Suite | Film Archive Suite

SilverFast vs. Canon ScanGear

Every scanner manufacturer provides an own scanner software for its devices. Usually, these software solutions are not as powerful as SilverFast. Therefore, we compare for you. Test results are available below.

Nadir Magazin | Dynamic Range | Speed | Dust and Scratch Removal

Kodachrome & Canon

Kodachrome slides are particularly difficult to digitize, the scans often show a blue cast. Using a Canon scanner with SilverFast, you obtain perfect scans. Even SRD and iSRD can be applied.

Info Kodachrome Profiles | Kodachrome Flash page

Picture of scanner: Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II USB

small SilverFast 9 icon SilverFast 9 supported
Multi-Exposure supported
Windows 11 (64) / Mac OS 14 (Sonoma) / Mac OS 13 (Ventura) / Mac OS 12 (Monterey) compatible

Picture of scanner: Canon CanoScan 9000F Canon CanoScan 9000F USB

small SilverFast 9 icon SilverFast 9 supported
Multi-Exposure supported
Windows 11 (64) / Mac OS 14 (Sonoma) / Mac OS 13 (Ventura) / Mac OS 12 (Monterey) compatible

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