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« ... As it is possible to do several tasks simultaneously and perform batch scans, this tool [SilverFast 8] seems entirely appropriate for demanding professional requirements. But also the experienced amateur will get his money‘s worth although some advanced features may not be necessary for him. »
Photophiles Magazine


« The new SilverFast 8 from LaserSoft Imaging comes up with new practical and valuable features. There is really nothing to complain about, except that sometimes there are simply too many possibilities. In such cases you can easily rely on the new WorkflowPilot. With this software, LaserSoft Imaging will surely strengthen its market leader position, if not expand it even further. »

« Easy handling and results in professional quality are two of the main reasons for the popularity of this software in the various areas of application. »
Desktop Dialog


« With the WorkflowPilot, scanner software SilverFast provides an expedient tool, that supports achieving good results really quickly. Manual controls and intelligent methods such as Multi-Exposure get the most out of any original. »



« There are plenty of reasons to use the new SilverFast 8. Using this software, easily allows to let scanned image appear in new glance. The possibilities offered by the new SilverFast 8 are really versatile. »
.psd PHOTOSHOP Magazine


« SilverFast from German software company LaserSoft Imaging, Kiel has a leading position in this field for years and is the undisputed number one in terms of quality. The new "Ai Studio 8" version is designed for professionals, but equally intended for amateurs, who want to get out the maximum of their images. […] Every scanner, from beginner to professional high-end model, will benefit from this software‘s features and workflow. »
fine art printer

« When digitizing images SilverFast 8 will improve quality and color of your scans compared to the software of the scanner manufacturer. SilverFast software also includes many features, your scanner software is probably not providing. »
Noviny pro graficky


« Beside others, the multitasking capability of SilverFast 8 is a real feature highlight. It allows the user to follow a new way of working, which I have so far not seen in any scanner software. »
Mac Rewind


« SilverFast 8 scores mainly with its new architecture and with improved handling compared to its predecessor. […] The increased speed, for the first time really benefitting from the power of actual processors, is a definite plus. »
heise Foto

« The new scanner software SilverFast 8.0 SE made in Kiel, Germany, which runs on Windows and Apple's operating system, provides digital images that are sharper and crisper than any paper print from the lab. Even color casts that naturally appear when film is aging disappear almost without any remains. »

« The user interface has been cleaned, buttons have been arranged logically and an integrated WorkflowPilot is guiding the user step by step to the perfect scan. »
Digital Photo


« Professional scanning workflow. The new version of SilverFast features an improved user interface and a step-by-step wizard. In comparision, most manufacturer software appears quite outdated. »
Digital Photoshop


« SilverFast SE 8 - Scanning de luxe. SilverFast in its new version 8 makes it easy to scan and optimizes the results. »

« Our expert opinion: [...] SilverFast SE Plus 8 is a very effective software. »
PC Advisor

« Over the years, SilverFast has managed to continuously expand its market leadership and to present a number of useful innovations with every of its upgrades, which led to a significantly improved scan quality and higher productivity. »


« Where other image programs are already reaching their limits, SilverFast scores with its Multi-Tasking: It's perfect for correcting and retouching images, while the scanner is already digitizing first documents. »


« All in all, SilverFast 8's new interface is a joy to work with. It is more efficient, faster, and more beautiful. In a head to head comparison, SilverFast comes out as an overall winner by a large margin, and Vuescan loses on all fronts. »
IT Enquirer

« SilverFast Ai Studio 8: Breathe new life into your old film images by using powerful next-generation scanning software. »
Outdoor Photographer

« […] but it’s an effective professional scanning app, with excellent colour and contrast correction tools. It could still be more intuitive to use, but the WorkflowPilot goes some way towards easing scan setups. »


You too can benefit from the new SilverFast 8 version!

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