photokina 2016 - Visit us!

This year's world leading fair for photo, video and the imaging branch as such takes place in Cologne from 20th to 25th September. Between 10am and 6pm the image and all the possibilities which it offers are in the center of interest. As partner at the Epson stand, LaserSoft Imaging takes a special interest in a particularly crucial topic: the decay of photos, slides and film strips.

We take pictures to capture moments that we'd like to keep in memory: landscapes which enthused us; moments which moved us and people who are important to us. Over the years, the our hoard of images and memories grows vaster and vaster.

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Only few know, that these precious memories have a limited life span. The film material starts to decay slowly after several years only; the colors start to fade and with them a piece of our personal history that we can never get back.

We often hear that digitization is delayed for this or that reason. By then, the images, which are in a good shape today, will have lost a good deal of their quality and will be hard to restore - if possible at all. Fungi attacking the image is no unusual problem and may cause severe damage to your pictures (cf. image on the right).

The SilverFast Archive Workflow with its special RAW-data concept is flexible and safe to use at the same time and will be in the focus of our presentation at the fair. Digitizing the images with a maximum of quality is at the heart of this future-oriented solution: the scanned image data remains ever unaltered and can be used for every purpose anew without loss of quality. Scanning the images is quickly done and you can delay the processing which then is independent of the scanning device.

Among many other highlights we present our new dust and scratch removal tool SRDx. Together with our new Clone-Tool it produces outstanding results for every type of defect. Dust, small scratches and fingerprints can't be avoided and are hard to correct even if you handle your images with care. SRDx marks and corrects defects according to your configuration, but allows for manual adjusting the strength of the correction for specific areas whenever it is needed. Larger defects can be repaired easily with the Clone-Tool's correction stamp. More than ever, the Archive Suite is a complete solution on its own which doesn't require Photoshop.

Together with our partner Epson, we present our printing solution PrinTao 8 for selected Epson large format printers. You'll see why you can save paper and money and why even beginners achieve brilliant results right from the start.

Don't miss the opportunity; come to Cologne, learn about innovations and trends and meet the specialists of the LaserSoft Imaging team: Epson Stand (Hall 02.2 Stand B011 & C012)

Further Highlights and Activities (at the Epson Stand, all German language)

Date Time Topic
21.09.2016 11:00 Experten-Talk "Professionelles Scannen in der Photografischen Praxis"
21.09.2016 11:30 Experten-Talk "Digitalisieren von Archiven"
21.09.2016 15:00 Triff den Profi "Sebastian Schlüter gibt praxisnahe Tipps vor Ort bei LaserSoft Imaging"
22.09.2016 11:00 Triff den Profi "Sebastian Schlüter gibt praxisnahe Tipps vor Ort bei LaserSoft Imaging"
23.09.2016 11:00 Triff den Profi "Sebastian Schlüter gibt praxisnahe Tipps vor Ort bei LaserSoft Imaging"
23.09.2016 15:00 Experten-Talk "Digitalisieren von Archiven"
23.09.2016 15:30 Experten-Talk "Professionelles Scannen in der Photografischen Praxis"
25.09.2016 11:00 Experten-Talk "Digitalisieren von Archiven"
25.09.2016 11:30 Experten-Talk "Professionelles Scannen in der Photografischen Praxis"