Newsletter December 2006
Newsletter December 2006

LaserSoft Imaging Newsletter December 2006 in Deutsch.
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  1. The new Multi-Exposure function will provide a greater dynamic range, thus producing more detail in the images at a much faster rate than MultiSampling.
  2. SilverFast ColorServer - The Hotfolder enables the user to batch process and sort multiple images according to specific parameters set by the user.
  3. The NegaFix Mode now provides a more neutral environment with the new CCR color cast neutralizer.
  4. Several new NegaFix profiles have been added to support more negative films.
  5. The new Auto Frame Detection automatically recognizes and crops each image frame in the prescan.
  6. The SilverFast interface can now be toggled between standard and basic mode.
  7. The new Apple-Installer is now used for Macintosh installations.
  8. SilverFastHDR now automatically recognizes and sets the gamma value used in SilverFastAi.
  9. New presets for SilverFast SE and SilverFast SE Plus have a better color correction implemented.
Dear valued SilverFast user,

Today we are proud to present our new version, SilverFast 6.5. Aside from many improvements and enhancements, we implemented outstanding new features to support your creativity and productivity when using SilverFast software.


Enhancing the Dynamic Range of Scanners

SilverFast's Multi-Exposure generates 48 bit RAW scans that are then calculated using variable exposures. The function is similar to exposure rows, as they are known from the photography profession. With this feature, the supported scanner's dynamic range is significantly increased while the noise of the CCD's is effectively minimized. Hence, more details will become visible in the shadow areas of an image. Here, there is one main advantage over Multi-Sampling: Multi-Exposure reaches the same quality much faster! The slower 8x or 16x multisampling processes become completely obsolete, since a higher quality can be achieved using the Multi-Exposure feature.


What is the ColorServer (Hotfolder)?

The Hotfolder enables the user to process and sort multiple images at the same time, according to specific parameters set by the user. For example, multiple images can be simultaneously converted from TIFFs to JPEGs, resampled to 72 dpi for web distribution, scaled and saved from one folder to another, all with a few simple selections. Also, entire directories, such as the flash memory of a digital camera can be placed into a hotfolder and processed automatically according to the users presets.


NegaFix Improvement + New NegaFix Profiles

The NegaFix mode now provides a much more neutral color environment thanks to a new extended function. This is especially important for profiles that are not 100% accurate. With this feature, the orange masks that are always present in negatives can easily be removed with the new conversion. The activation of the CCR is done by a check box within the NegaFix-dialog.
Several new NegaFix negativefilms. The following profiles supported films: Fuji Pro 160S, Kodak 100UC


Automatic Detection of Frames

Image frames can now be detected and cropped automatically in the preview window using this new feature. It is necessary that the images have a certain distance between their border and the outer edge. A lack of distance could hinder a clear detection of frames. A high contrast background is helpful in reflective scans. In those cases where an image holder is required, the recommendation would be to generate an according template and save the positioned frames, "General / Save Frame".


Basic-Mode as Starting Aid

SilverFast 6.5 is the first version to include the possibilty to switch between Standard- and Basic mode. Hence, SilverFast novices will find the software easier to use.

New Installers

The new Apple installer is now used for Macintosh computers. All SilverFast installers were shipped as ".mpkg" file. A double click onto the installer icon launches the installation process. The entire installation is completely guided and follows the current Apple Macintosh standard.


SFAi - HDR Gamma Optimization

The gamma values selected SilverFastAi are now automatically detected and applied in SilverFastHDR.


Extended SCC-Presets

All SilverFastSE and SilverFastSEPlus versions of V.6.5 or newer will contain this new feature.

At the 20th anniversary of LaserSoft Imaging we are now adding another milestone to our development with SilverFast 6.5 - even more quality and more productivity.
Please enjoy SilverFast 6.5!


Karl-Heinz Zahorsky
President & CEO
LaserSoft Imaging

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