2.3.14 Global Color Correction (GCC)

If the color balance of an entire picture needs to be changed, Global Color Correction (GCC) can be used. This tool consists of a colored circle around which the six base colors are arranged. The color space is also displayed on the area of the circle. Color changes can be carried out in different ways. One way is to use the mouse to drag the black dot from the middle of the color space to the desired color tone. The preview shows the corrections in real time while you do this. Changes in small steps can also be made by clicking the mouse on the small base color dots; the black dot then moves towards the selected color dot. A third option is available in SilverFast Ai Studio 8 in the form of three sliders in the expert dialog. Here, the corresponding colors of cyan/red, magenta/green, and yellow/blue lie at the ends of the three sliders. Moving a slider in a certain direction corresponds to repeated clicks on the color dot outside the color circle.

To correct the color cast in the example picture, the first slider has to be moved from cyan towards the red, the middle slider from magenta towards the green, and the third slider from yellow towards the blue. The picture loses its color deviation and the color impression is restored to neutral.

Which of the three input methods you use for correction is a matter of habit and taste, since you can achieve exactly the same results with any of the three methods.

Above the color circle there are also four buttons that can be used to define whether changes should apply to all brightness levels or preferentially to quarter-, half-, or three-quarter tones.

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