2.3.13 Why was Global Color Correction developed?

It often happens that images are much sunnier and more colorful in our memories than they appear in the picture. With this GCC control you can carry out manual color correction that differs from picture to picture, changing the entire mood of a picture. Pictures become radiantly lit images or an evening mood can be optimized until it suits your individual taste.

How does SilverFast-GCC, Global Color Correction, work?
SilverFast has different levels on which image optimizations can be carried out. Global Color Correction, GCC, as well as Selective Color Correction, SCC, are just two of them that affect the color levels.

Global Color Correction, GCC, controls the color balance of the entire image. Due to its ability to limit changes to half- and quarter-tones, even color offsets that only show up in particularly bright or dark areas of the picture are optimized.

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