2.3.12 Using Auto Adjust and Removing Color Cast

In addition to the neutralising pipette, Auto Adjust also offers Auto-CCR (Automatic with Color Cast Removal) as another option for removing the color cast from a picture. Here, SilverFast adjusts the values for highlights, shadows, and midtones separately for each color channel. The result is a color-neutral image in which only a few fine adjustments are needed. In the histogram with a separate display for the color channels, you can check the adjustments and correct them individually for each channel. This intelligent system is extremely well-suited for pictures that were taken in standard exposure situations. The intelligent Auto Adjust for portraits and skin tones, as well as the settings for removal of highlight and shadow casts also remove color casts. The latter only corrects the white or black point of the individual channels; for other types of Auto Adjust, both are always adjusted simultaneously. The other preconfigured Auto Adjust types for different types of image make no changes to the color tone of the image. The effects that different presettings will have on each type of image are best discovered by simply trying them out. Not every Auto Adjust is suitable for every exposure situation.

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