2.3.15 Why was Selective Color Correction developed?

Selective Color Correction is an elementary component of reproduction technology and means that only one single color is selected and changed specifically; all other colors remain unaffected. The SCC tool enables selective color correction in a very simple manner. Just one click in the preview window easily selects the color to be changed – it is recognized immediately. From the original color, "warmer" or "cooler" color tones can be selected in a continuous way and their effects on the image evaluated in real time. With this free design option, individual color optimizations and improvements can conveniently be obtained to produce an image that suits the perceptions of the viewer.

How Does Selective Color Correction Work?
The secret of this tool lies in the immediate "recognition" of the selected color nuance and a practical palette composed of 6 or 12 base color variations that can be selected with continuous blending. The entire color palette is available. For more complicated cases, it is also possible to use scalable vector masks on freely defined areas. This permits up to 4 levels – independently from each other – to be subjected to complex color corrections of the same color with different color changes.

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