SilverFast Downloads - other Downloads
On this page we provide some special downloads, that could be useful for specific applications or for running older devices with SilverFast.

SilverFast CMYK profiles and separation tables
CMYK is the standard color model of the printing technology for the four color print.
The color management inside digital prepress is carried out by ICC color profiles. Therefore, SilverFast provides some profiles and separation tables.

ASPI drivers (Advanced SCSI Programming Interface)
If SilverFast does not detect a SCSI scanner, missing ASPI drivers could be the reason. Please attend to our FAQs entry in this case and install the following driver afterwards. ASPI driver for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP version 4.72a2 (If you encounter any problems using the version 4.72a2 driver, please try the older version 4.6)