CMYK Output Profiles


European Color Initiative: Offset printing - ISO 12647-2 (FOGRA)
SilverFast CMYK Separation Tables/Profiles
SilverFast can create device-specific CMYK data (e.g. offset) and wants its customers to get the most consistent, high quality color output available. For this reason we are supplying a selection of ICC profiles via free download for graphics professionals to use across their workflows. For the effective, safe and cost-saving workflow the following points should be considered:
  • the number of used ICC profiles and the number of the associated digital proof standards should be as low as possible,
  • an orientation according to international standards is the key for safe, stable and cost-saving color management workflows compatible with the well-known CMYK functions,
  • the color quality assurance in the context of the standards is the only possibility for CMYK data to be transferred for further processing by appropriate control means (e.g. Fogra media wedge).
Here you can find the current standard offset profiles based on the Fogra characterization data available for download. The new profiles replace the past profile versions from January 2003. The consistent employment of the new profiles is generally recommended, since they correspond both to the current conditions of the ISO standardization and represent attainable results in the standardized offset printing.

Offset printing - ISO 12647-2 (FOGRA) profiles:
"offset"-package: win Windows mac Macintosh
"continuous"-package: win Windows mac Macintosh

Here you can find the current standard offset profiles available for the North American and Asian markets. Enclosed in this compressed archive are:

mac Macintosh
win Windows