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"The unusual beauty of this Archive Suite is its very efficient batch scan capability that includes the infrared iSRD data in a 64bit raw scanner file.

Then when processed [...] the iSRD cleaning can be applied as part of the process to a finished image file."
"LaserSoft Imaging's SilverFast SE is well suited as the primary software for digitizing photos, […] It offers a variety of settings and outstanding image automatics for color optimization and image correction." (2010-08)
"A box of magic arrived on my doorstep recently. [...] The program is speedy and powerful and using just a fraction of its capabilities can produce good results, ..." (2010-07)
"If you are looking for a simple, fast and efficient way to archive your precious family slides and negatives, I highly recommend SilverFast Archive Suite from LaserSoft Imaging." (2010-06)
"私はデジタル写真とスキャンの管理、処理、並べ替えのために Photoshopに加えて、SilverFast DC Pro Studio を使っています。 SilverFast への順応は同じユーザーインターフェースの おかげで非常に簡単なものになりました" (2010-02)
"... The 64-bit HDRi color files [...] contain all readable image information including the information of modern scanners’ infrared channels, using this data for image optimization, e.g. dust and scratch removal." (2010-02)
"With SilverFast SE, your scans look more like the originals. [...] SilverFast software has long been recognized for its excellent tools for controlling exposure, color and dynamic range." (2009-08)
Testreport "LaserSoft Imaging's SilverFast mit einem Plustek OpticFilm 7200i" (2009-07)
「シンプルに置くだけで、 SilverFast は私のスキャナを高品質レベルにしてくれます。」 (2009-06)
"PrinTao offers the opportunity to print my pictures directly or even to send a reliable proof to my printer. I can create layouts contact sheets and print them using the built in color management without any external application." (2009-03)
« SilverFast は豊富なプロレベルの 機能を併せ持った優れたスキャニングアプリケーションです。 » (2008-08)
"私はRAW変換のトッププログラムの中で SilverFast DCPro を気に入っています。 SilverFast DCPro と Canon Eos-1D, 10D, D60 を駆使することで、セーリングクルーズ本のための全ての写真をデジタルで撮る事ができました" (2008-07)
Extend The Limits Of Film Scanning: LaserSoft Imaging’s SilverFast® Multi-Exposure Increases Effective Dynamic Range (2008-05)
"… デンタルヘルスサービスのVictoria では、SilverFast X-Ray を我々のデンタルオフィス会員向けにデモンストレーションを行っています。多くの歯科医が購入を考え、すぐに導入しています。 デジタルに移行した方々は SilverFast で アナログのレントゲン写真をデジタルにアーカイブするのを望んでいます。…" (2007-09)
Peter Wolff about Ai Studio with a Epson perfection V750 Pro on (2007-09)
John Barkley about scanning with SilverFast. (2007-09)
Peter Wolff about Multi-Exposure on (2007-08)
LaserSoft Imaging goes HDR (2007-05)
logo-shutterbug Shutterbug (2008-05) (英語) - Extend The Limits Of Film Scanning: LaserSoft Imaging's SilverFast® Multi-Exposure Increases Effective Dynamic Range [詳細を読む...] (英語)
bennett_richards Bennett Richards (2011-08) (英語) - First I want to say that this new version of SilverFast looks really great. The user interface overhaul is fantastic and the few features I have seen so far such as highlighting dust and scratches prior to ISRD correction are wonderful …
mark_segal_100x140 Mark Segal (2010-08) (英語) - The new Plustek OpticFilm 7600i with SilverFast
For harmonizing the OpticFilm 7600i with SilverFast the companies of Plustek and LaserSoft Imaging have worked together closely when developing the scanner. This allows the 7600i to obtain best results, which are normally only achievable by devices of clearly higher-priced market segments.

plustek_optic_film_7600i Professional photographer Mark Segal has put the OpticFilm 7600i through its paces in a comparative test with the established scanners Nikon Super Coolscan 5000ED and Epson Perfection V750 Pro. Mark has used SilverFast with all three scanners to digitize 35mm color positives and negatives. Regarding the characteristics that are relevant for the scanning process like detail rendition, color consistency, dynamic range, speed and efficiency of dust and scratch removal the 7600i is hardly inferior to its competitors or performs even better. For this price range it's a real surprise!

Mark Segal concludes:
"The combination of the Plustek OpticFilm 7600i and SilverFast Ai Studio with Auto IT8 profiling provides a viable colour management solution for the scanner component of a colour-managed workflow. [...]

SilverFast iSRD works well with this scanner, which is a real boon to productivity in terms of obtaining clean scans in little time."

You can find the entire review on the Luminous Landscape homepage
or download it here as a PDF file.
barclay03_120x150 John Barclay (2010-06) (英語) - Review of the Archive Suite
John Barclay is an award winning freelance photographer based in Bucks County, PA. John is a passionate photographer and enthusiastic workshop leader and his work has been published in a number of magazines and books.

John Barclay has been recently asked by his sister, if he could suggest a solution for scanning a large quantity of family slides and negatives. He therefore tested the SilverFast Archive Suite with an Epson V700 and concluded:

"If you are looking for a simple, fast and efficient way to archive your precious family slides and negatives, I highly recommend SilverFast Archive Suite from LaserSoft Imaging."

For color accuracy John started with the calibration of his scanner using the automatic SilverFast IT8 calibration, because he doesn't like to spend a lot of time in Photoshop correcting his scans. For the second step John tested the Auto Frame Detection and the batch scan option for scanning multiple images at one time. "What a time saver!"

John strongly suggests scanning in 48bit HDR or even in 64bit HDRi format for capturing as much data as possible. Another SilverFast feature John thinks is worth noting is Multi-Exposure, that increases the captured number of shades of gray (details) and reduces noise. John was very pleased with the SilverFast iSRD dust and scratch eliminating functionality as "... a very powerful feature exclusive to SilverFast products." The NegaFix negative to positive converting feature has also left a favorable impression.

John Barclay: "I like being able to scan HDR files knowing I’m capturing as much data as possible. [...] Having Multi-Pass and Multi-Exposure assures that I’ll have clean files with as much dynamic range and detail possible. HDRi and iSRD is very helpful with those images that had lots of dust and scratches and works very well. The job manager in SilverFast HDR made the process of final output a breeze!" barclay02_200x120
(Click to enlarge)
You can read the full test report on John Barclay's blog.
mark_segal_100x140 Mark Segal (英語) - Scanning with SilverFast
Photographer Mark Segal is an expert in scanning technique and has recently written a tutorial entitled:

Scanning - The Old World Joins the New
Mark explores calibration, scanning with the EPSON V750 Pro and techniques for an integrated workflow between SilverFast and Adobe's Lightroom. The tutorial is available as a free downloadable .pdf file, which can be read onscreen or printed out for reference. Mark has parsed his tutorial in five topics:
  1. SilverFast's Auto-IT8 scanner calibration procedure
  2. SilverFast's version of HDR in 64-bit mode
  3. SilverFast's new hardware-based dust and scratch removal technology called iSRD
  4. Performance of the EPSON V750 Pro scanner
  5. An integrated workflow between SilverFast and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Mark's conclusion on the iSRD feature: "Those who have large quantities of old transparencies and negatives to scan will find this feature-set to be not only very effective, but also a huge time-saver. As well, there is an added element of flexibility to this workflow, insofar as the infra-red channel remains with the saved HDR scan, so the user has the choice of using iSRD at scan time or any time thereafter."

Read the complete review by Mark Segal here ... (.pdf)
timothy_gray_100x100 Timothy Gray (英語) - SilverFast offers powerful features for demanding applications
Timothy Gray is a Chicago-based professional photographer, specializing in fine art landscape photography and archival printing. He has traveled extensively capturing the fragility and beauty of the natural world. His clients include the National Park Service, Delaware North Companies, and his work can be found in private collections and galleries. Timothy has used SilverFast for several years, starting with SilverFast SE, before migrating to the Ai and Ai Studio versions. He continues to be impressed by the quality and workflow gains SilverFast offers.

Timothy Gray: "As a professional photographer working in fine art landscape photography, I’m continually looking for ways to achieve the highest image quality with accurate and repeatable results. With SilverFast, I can efficiently reproduce what I captured on film.

I’m excited about the future of SilverFast, especially the new 64-bit HDRi feature. Finally, photographers have the ability to scan the full dynamic range of their film, with the added benefit of scanning the infrared channel for dust & scratch removal.

With 64-bit HDRi, I can quickly scan the film, and hand off further processing (including dust & scratch removal using iSRD) to SilverFast HDR Studio. The perfomance gains of iSRD over Digital ICE are impressive, and the quality of the scans amazes not only me, but my clients as well."

View Timothy Gray's website here ...
ken_schles_100x100 Ken Schles (英語) - Professional photographer Ken Schles really likes SilverFast
Ken Schles was born in New York, where he later also studied photography, and works as a professional photographer today. He has worked for renowned magazines like People Magazine and New York Times Magazine, he photographed Rod Stewart and numerous books feature his pictures; he even published some by himself. For scanning and processing his photos Ken has been using SilverFast since more than 6 years now. He especially likes the ease of usage, which does not exclude reliability and controllability.

Ken Schles: "The ease and reliability of the SilverFast scanning software has made my workflow intuitive and fast. What I love best about SilverFast is that it works seamlessly with various manufacturer's equipment - and it's hands down better at generating scans than the manufacturer's own software. SilverFast gives me more automation and more flexibility, more functionality with the ability to fine tune almost every parameter - if and when I need to.

I've been using SilverFast for over 6 years now and have yet to be disappointed. LaserSoft is always bringing new functionality to their products - I feel they get me the best results my hardware can deliver."

The Website of Ken Schles you can reach here ...
David_Brooks David Brooks (2009-02) (英語) - David Brooks' Digital Darkroom Resource CD; A Practical Way To Get A Handle On Digital Imaging
David Brooks, Professional Photographer and Senior Editor Shutterbug Magazine

David Brooks is the author of Shutterbug's Digital Help column and numerous articles on color calibration, scanning, and printing.
David Brooks is an excellent expert on all versions of SilverFast and he has already published articles on SilverFast as early as 1999.
Whether the subject is color management, color correction or how to properly set up a camera, what software to use, and how to work with image files to ensure the best possible reproduction.
In David's recent CD there is an new article (chapter) about the Epson Perfection V500 scanner , how to use it, which includes are commendation and demonstration of using SilverFast with that scanner. He also enclosed all of the research and images done for an article on Kodachrome scanning he plans to release soon.

The link below gets you to David Brooks Resource CD:
Info: Digital Darkroom

David Brooks also has an interesting blog:
David's Weblog
logo_der_spiegel "Der SPIEGEL" (英語) - Europe's leading news magazine located in Hamburg, uses the combination of SilverFast Ai Studio and SilverFast HDR Studio to drive its High End scanners, Heidelberg Nexscan.

"SilverFast allows us to finally use the latest Macs with Intel Processors" says Reinhard Wilms, editorial technician at "Der SPIEGEL".
photographical_net Peter Wolff (2007-08) - 私は LSI 社がハイクラスのソフトを作っているのは知っていましたが、 新機能 Multi Exposure をウェブの広告で見た時、思いました「OK,実際そんなに良くないだろう...しかし、私は間違っていました。

私はすぐに新しい高速スキャナーを手に入れる事にしました!」 ( [詳細を読む...] (英語)
David B. Brooks (2007-09) - Plustek OpticFilm 7200i 35mm 高解像度フィルムスキャナー
Plustek 7200i 用主要ドライバは LaserSoft SilverFast Ai です。 Plustek 7200i は Windows環境(XP, Me, 98SE, 2000)でのみ対応しています。 今回の Plustek のテスト後に、LSI 社は Multi-Exposure 機能を含む、 最新版の SilverFast Ai 6.5 へのアップグレードを発表した事を付け加えます。 これは出力ポテンシャルをリファインし、 Plustek 7200i のダイナミックレンジ向上に貢献するでしょう。.....

......さらに、付属の iSRD はコダクローム等のフィルムに最適のソリューションで、銀塩ベースのモノクロではやや劣ります(スキャンプロセスの一部であるホコリやキズを赤外線 iSRD 使用ではクリーンにできません)。
Avery Danziger - 30年以上の国際的フォトグラファー&写真の講師として、 賞をとった私の多くの写真のスキャン、そして私の写真プリントサービスを利用するプロのクライアントの多くのフィルムイメージのスキャンに利用しています。

Last year I was honored when I was chosen to print a retrospective photographic exhibition for the prestigious Children's Museum in New York City. I used your software to scan dozens of archival images, many over 10 years old and in poor condition, to produce all of the final photographs used in this landmark exhibition. The Director of the museum called the images "stunning" and was amazed at the resulting quality as compared to prior printings of these images.

I have used your product for many years both in the Universities where I have been an instructor of photography and at home in my own studio, and have been very impressed with your continuing commitment to incorporate the latest advancements in your product. This coupled with the very informative and well produced QuickTime movies which are available directly from your scanning applications make it easier for the novice (or student) to take full advantage of your products very powerful and well thought out features. Combining all these features plus having a very helpful and professional support staff clearly makes your product the best value in scanning software and I would highly recommend your software to anyone interested in obtaining the very best results from their film scanners! (
xTBP_logo_color Transcript Bulletin (英語) - "Our new SilverFast scanning software is great! It is much easier to use than LinoColor and NewColor. It has all the features we need to get the most out of our scanner investment. It works perfectly within Adobe Photoshop on the Macintosh platform. Since we replaced our old PC software with the Mac-based and easy to use SilverFast software, everyone has been using our high-end Heidelberg Nexscan scanner much more. Our photographers are impressed with the quality of the scans, both film and reflective, and really like the color balance, sharpening and other controls built into the software. The batch scanning options are especially useful for productivity. Scanning was a real chore on our old system, but with this new software it has become exciting. Now we can do virtually anything we want with our scanning on a stable, fast and easy to use system. Thanks LaserSoft Imaging!" (
David-Anthony-1 David Anthony (英語) - "SilverFast has been an "absolute must" with ALL my photo work for magazines and clients! I cannot think of scanning without it. I scan on the Epson 4870, and I believe that when you have software such as SilverFast, you can scan on anything and get great scans. As added proof, I've enclosed jpeg images from the actual "tearsheets" of my work for Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire Magazine, Britney Spears/Pepsi, and Chicago Magazine. ALL of these photographs were scanned using SilverFast software!" (
Bruce_Dale Bruce Dale (英語) - "SilverFast Ai has been my standard for scanning software during the past 7 years. It provides excellent output and having a uniform software system for all my digital devices is a real time saver in the long run.

Excellent control and uniformity across all my scanners. Once you learn the program, it's not hard to efficiently use new devices." (
John_Barclay John Barclay (2007-09) (英語) - "I am constantly amazed at how little I have to do to make my scans look just like the chromes!

I am also a user of SilverFast HDR which I find to be an invaluable tool for workflow as well as achievability of my images. I almost always use AI to create 48bit HDR scans and then use HDR to create my final size/resolution and corrections. HDR also allows me to batch scan in AI while I'm working on other things. When I'm done scanning into 48bit files, I can then work on my scans anytime and anywhere I want even without a scanner nearby!" ( [詳細を読む...] (英語)
Louise_Ann_Noeth Luise Ann Noeth (LandSpeed) (英語) - "The versatility here is outstanding in terms of results and how effortlessly those results arrive. The user interface is very intuitive.

I work with many historical photographs in addition to my own images so the ability to easily calibrate the software gives me the confidence to import the best possible image." (
Harris_Fogel Prof. Harris Fogel (University of the Arts, Philadelphia) (英語) - "We have found LaserSoft Imaging to be responsive, continually issuing updates on average every two weeks, and the built-in dust and scratch reduction software can be very effective.

The Mid-Pip 4 correction Tool is my favorite tool. The ability to set multiple points to correct for color cast is amazing. This tool alone has had a greater impact upon my scans then any other." (,
Tom_Burnside Tom Burnside (Tom Burnside Motorsport Archive) (英語) - "I was having a terrible time with both Brand XX flatbed and Brand YY film scanner. That came to a thundering halt when I bought SF for them, what a relief. My scans became really great.

My favorite part of SilverFast is the Complete control of the process of scanning and it is the same software on both scanners." (
Peter_Calvin Peter Calvin (英語) - "I don't believe I'd buy a scanner if I couldn't use SilverFast with it." (
Tony_Sweet Tony Sweet (Tony Sweet Photography, Inc.) (英語) - "Excellent and Intuitive Software!
The Job Manager is my favorite tool because: With the volume of work that I shoot and administrative office duties I have, this is a great tool! I can scan an entire job folder of images, freeing me up to attend to other things." (
Jerry_Greer Jerry Greer (英語) - "The full version with IT8 calibration is magnificent! Color is perfect most every time and the best thing is it's running on both of my scanners so there's no need to learn another scanner software package.

The IT8 calibration with the custom targets is by far my favorite tool. Color correction is a very time consuming characteristic of digital imaging and good scans equal less time in the processing of my images for faithful color rendition." (
Shelly_Katz Shelly Katz (英語) - "Putting it plain and simple, SilverFast takes my scanners to a higher quality level - and I didn't just discover that this morning - I've been using this software for a long time.

Years ago while shooting for TIME Magazine I realized that great hardware companies don't necessarily make the best software - and as much as I loved my NIKON film scanners in the field, they just weren't producing the quality I expected and needed. Then I added SilverFast software into the workflow and the difference was remarkable.

I really don't know how this all works, I'm just a photographer, not a geek - but I do know that the great functions in the interface, ease of operation and an accuracy to interpret the original, produce better and faster scans than I ever had done before." (
Marty_and_Helen_Saccone Marty and Helen Saccone (英語) - "The degree of control is astounding and the onscreen information makes everything easy to manage, matter what your skill level may be.

As a result of our teaching experience the one thing that we love most about SilverFast is it's ability to get the job done, no matter what your skill level. Helen and I find that new users using SilverFast grasp the concepts easily. Users gain proficiency at their own speed yet meet their goals quickly and successfully. SilverFast produces results at all levels of expertise." (
Henno_Drecoll Henno Drecoll (英語) - "For many years I have scanned and worked on my images for my panorama multi-vision shows and promotion materials about Australia, New Zealand and Canada - at first with my Agfa Duoscan T 1200 and for a short time with the Epson F 3200 - but always with SilverFast.

An excellent quality is very, very important to my work. The colors of my landscape photos are represented true to the original. And I am able to enlarge my images up to the format DIN A0 without any problems. The results with SilverFast are fantastic." (
Marcus_Schwier Marcus Schwier (英語) - "Marcus Schwier was born 1964 in Düsseldorf and studied 1985 till 1992 Architecture and later on from 1993 till 1998 at the academy of arts, Düsseldorf. Stipendias 2004 Cite internationale Des Arts. 2005 Cholarship Scalloway.

He is a photographer who is present in many galeries and museums in germany. He themes are landscape, achitecture, events and people.

SilverFast PhotoProof makes the handling of the print and it's result predictable and safe. It is not necessary to handle any external devices or extra software. So it is easy and fast to reach your aiming target." (
Heimo_Aga Heimo Aga (Photographer) - "私は SilverFast DCPro がRAW変換用トッププログラムの中でも優れた存在である事をうれしく思います。SilverFast DCPro と Canon Eos-1D, 10D, D60 を駆使して、私は自分のセーリングクルーズ本のための全写真を撮る事ができました。" (
karsten-kettermann Karsten Klettermann (英語) - "PrinTao offers the opportunity to print my pictures directly or even to send a reliable proof to my printer. I can create layouts contact sheets and print them using the built in color management without any external application." (