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Dear SilverFast User ,

to enable a successful and smooth working with SilverFast 8, we would like to point out the numerous tutorial movies and PDF manuals, which are meanwhile existing for SilverFast 8 and which will be constantly updated in the future:

screen_SCC_en SilverFast 8 Movies
For almost every SilverFast 8 tool, there is a short movie clip available that explains how the tool can be used. You can launch the movies directly from SilverFast8 or view them
here on our website.

Many movies are directly linked inside the scanner software. In many places, such as in the settings menu and in the tool dialogs, there are small buttons showing QuickTime icons. Click on the button and the appropriate movie clip will play in your web browser.

cover_guide_en SilverFast 8 PDF Manual
In addition to the movies, we are offering guidance and further documentation as PDF files. The SilverFast 8 quick guide, which essentially describes working with the WorkflowPilot is already available in 8 languages​​. Inside the software, The WorkflowPilot provides more hints and assistance that will allow you to develop own workflows later on.

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cover_jobman_en PDF_iconJobManager®
SilverFast‘s JobManager is a valuable tool of the Ai Studio 8 version for efficient batch processing. In the field of scanning, batch processing means that multiple scan frames are automatically scanned sequentially. A very useful functionality, if many photographs, slides or negatives are placed on the scanner‘s flatbed.

High resolution scans are time consuming. Using the JobManager the user does not have to wait idly during the scans are performed. In addition, the JobManager offers the possibility to copy all or just some image adjustments from one scan frame to others. Thus, it is sufficient to set image adjustments and optimizations only once, when scanning similar originals. (Download)

cover_adf_en PDF_iconADF Scan (for reflecta DigitDia and other scanners)
ADF is an abbreviation for “Automatic Document Feeder“. Some film scanners are able to feed in small and medium format slides or filmstrips automatically. This means, the user does not have to transport the filmholder from image to image by hand, but controls the feeder with SilverFast.

Some scanners feature this functionality ex factory, where other devices can be equipped with ADF capa- bility by installing optional accessories. A few scanners are capable of automatically digitizing whole magazines that contain up to 40, 50 or even 100 slides. ADF functionality is time efficient and it is particularly suitable for creating RAW data archives, leaving any image processing for a later date. (Download)

(Click to enlarge)

PDF_iconKeyboard Shortcuts
Here is a list of useful keyboard shortcuts for SilverFast 8, which will help you to digitize your images much easier - for Mac and for Windows. (Download)

The glossary explains many terms used in SilverFast 8 and image processing in general. Get to know the relationships. (Download)

supportContact & Support
If you still have questions regarding the handling of SilverFast 8 or if you have a technical problem, please do not hesitate to visit our online forum or to contact our support team.

We are always aiming to answer any question comprehensively and promptly.

Tip: Video Tutorial by Taz Tally
lynda An extensive SilverFast 8 video documentation is available on
www.lynda.com. Taz Tally, author of the book "SilverFast - the official Guide" for SilverFast 6, has created a video tutorial with a total running time of over 5 hours. The are with costs, however for a first impression, some videos are also available free of charge.


With best wishes for brilliant pictures
Karl-Heinz Zahorsky
President & CEO
LaserSoft Imaging Inc.

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