SilverFast 9

More efficient. More speed. More beautiful.

Brilliant Images with SilverFast.

SilverFast has been the world's leading scanner and digital imaging software for decades. On the basis of the unique algorithms of the successful previous versions, our development team has managed to lift SilverFast 9 to a new level.

SilverFast –

A Success Story

With our new SilverFast 9 it is now even easier to create a digital image archive of your own analog images. A variety of new features, optimized image processing, an improved user interface and new algorithms which speed up scanning up to 75% are only part of the numerous improvements.

The mix of new and proven functionality makes the new SilverFast 9 the best SilverFast that ever existed.

The official SilverFast 9


"Create Brilliant Images with SilverFast" communicates complex knowledge in an understandable way. Showing practical examples and demonstrates, how anyone can achieve brilliant image results using our SilverFast software.

Easily learn how to scan, edit and store your images the professional way. Available as ePUB. Author: CEO and inventor Karl-Heinz Zahorsky.

Scanner Software.

The well-known scanner software SilverFast is aimed at everyone who wants to get the best digitizing results out of their scanner – thanks to proven and innovative tools.

Choose between BASIC, PLUS and PREMIUM edition.

SilverFast SE

  • Scan Assistant
  • One-Click Image Optimization
  • Film and Color Profiles
  • Help Videos
  • Time-saving Batch Scanning Features

SilverFast SE Plus

  • All Features of SE and additionally:
  • Maximum Dynamic Range for Film
  • Kodachrome Mode
  • More Details in Dark Areas
  • Enhanced, more accurate Color Corrections

SilverFast Ai Studio

  • All Features of SE & SE Plus and additionally:
  • IT8 Color Calibration
  • Expert Mode for Fine-Tuning
  • create and manage Film and Color Profiles
  • Exposure Compensation: 16bit Histogram

Image processing software.

SilverFast HDR Studio is different and this on purpose. The feature range concentrates on the essential functionality of image processing, SilverFast HDR masters these perfectly.

Choose between PLUS and PREMIUM edition.

SilverFast HDR

  • Image Processing Assistant
  • One-click Image Optimization
  • Film and Color Profiles
  • Help Videos
  • Features for Dust and Scratch Removal

SilverFast HDR Studio

  • All Features of HDR and additionally:
  • Color Reproduction and Management
  • Non-destructive Image Optimization
  • Virtual Light Table
  • Dust and Scratch Removal and Clone-Tool

Archiving Software.

The Archive Suite is our complete solution. It provides you with a unique concept for the efficient digitization and processing of your images.

SilverFast Archive Suite

  • Consists of SilverFast Ai Studio & HDR Studio
  • IT8 Color Calibration
  • Expert Mode for Fine Tuning
  • Create and manage Film and Color Profiles
  • Comprehensive Image Retouching Package

Why is scanning important?

In upcoming years, billions of photos, slides, negatives and other analog images will need to be digitized in order to prevent an ongoing decay or complete destruction.

Fading colors


Fungal attacks

SilverFast established itself as the standard for creating brilliant digital images for archiving.

It is the only software that consistently follows the "non-destructive" concept, i.e. the separation of scanning and optimization.

With this workflow, results are always achieved that meet all requirements at the same time:

New Design.

Innovative. Well-arranged.

Now with Dark Mode as well.

The revised design of the SilverFast 9 makes it even easier to use now. Switch between light mode and dark mode, just as you like it.

New WorkflowPilot.

More Workflows. Easier concept.

Now also with batch scan.

The scan-assistant in its new guise. It now guides you step-by-step through your scan workflow even more securely. Learn how to use SilverFast thanks to new tutorials.

New SAC.

Single Archive Command. One-click-archiving solution.

Now included in the Archive Suite.

With just one click scans can be started and ideally adjusted using the prepared presets. The included presets follow the most important basic rules in image editing. Thanks to the unique scanner RAW data workflow no data will get lost during the scanning process nor the image editing process.
(SAC available for selected scanner models)

Scanning at more than twice the speed.

You too can enjoy the advantages of our scan booster with the Single Archive Command (included in our SilverFast Archive Suite).

>50% faster*

without SAC

27:20 min

with SAC

13:08 min
* SilverFast SAC, Epson Perfection V850, Batch Scan, HDRiRAW, Multi-Exposure, 2.400ppi, 12 Slides

>75% faster*

without SAC

1:22:03 h

with SAC

25:43 min
* SilverFast SAC, Epson Expression 12000XL, Stapel-Scan, HDRRAW, Multi-Exposure, 2.400ppi, 30 Slides


Easy User Management.

Demos. Updates. Upgrades.

Manage your licences over the new MySilverFast account. From now on there is no more typing a wrong serial number or misplacement of your serial number.

...more than 100 additional improvements.

Including optimized "Find Frame" feature, improved descreening, extended SRDx function, new generic scanner profiles according to the new ISO 12641-2 standard, optimized font design for better readability, extended IPTC data, new NegaFix profiles …

SilverFast Highlights.

Image automatic

Intelligent optimization with just one mouse click. Images are improved in terms of highlights, shadows and midtones and color casts are eliminated for a variety of image types.

16Bit Histogram

A powerful tool for removing color casts, as well as under-exposure and over-exposure. Various display modes, such as additive, separate and transparent display of the color channels up to 16bit display.

Multi-Exposure (patented)

A unique feature to increase the Dynamic Range for significantly more image details. A double scan with different exposure increases the number of gray levels on average by two.

IT8 Calibration (patented)

Fully automatic IT8 Calibration as the ideal starting point for every scanning process. A must-have for brilliant and consistent colors. Thanks to new advanced IT8 Targets you will receive even more precise and better results.


Extremely effective dust and scratch removal thanks to using the infrared channel (scanner dependent). iSRD saves a lot of time as even thousands of small image defects can be removed with just one click.


A powerful tool for turning negatives into stunning positives. Depending on the film manufacturer and film type, NegaFix creates color-coordinated images that exactly match the original motif.

Here you can find a list of all features in
SilverFast 9.

Available for macOS and Windows.