SilverFast Interactive CD-ROM - SF iCD
Platforms: Mac and PC

General Description
LaserSoft Imaging brings an exciting new level of creativity to the interactive multimedia experience with this signature CD-ROM. This rich treasury integrates interactive audio/visual SilverFast features and highlights with on-screen realtime display. You can see and study exactly how powerful SilverFast is! Join us for a digital journey through the SilverFast world!

Feature-rich Interactive Program
With this powerful and innovative new multimedia engine, you can view, hear and study every nuance of SilverFast's functionalities. For the first time it is possible to experience and see SilverFast highlights performed perfectly synchronized in real-time display with sound exemplified interactively.
  • 9 SilverFast Imaging software solutions for scanners and digital cameras
  • 14 SilverFast major highlights
  • 40 complete instructional SilverFast Quicktime movies
  • 9 SilverFast manuals in PDF format
  • 3 SilverFast DCPro features with Quicktime Movies *NEW*
  • 6 SilverFast features for SilverFast DCPro Studio and HDR Studio *NEW*
  • SilverFast DCPro and HDR FREE trial versions

SilverFast Interactive CD is a convenient guide to the features and benefits of SilverFast.

A "must-have" CD-ROM to experience the power of SilverFast!

The interactive CD-Rom is running on Windows and Mac OS X (not on OS 9) systems.

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