Vincent Oliver reviews the Epson Perfection V700 bundled with SilverFast SE
The Epson V700 Photo scanner review.


It seems like this is becoming an annual event, a year ago I reviewed the Epson 4990 scanner, the year before it was the 4870. Both scanners produced high quality scans that were close, if not better than most dedicated film scanners. Most photographers are now shooting digitally, so film scanning is not a high priority. Having said that, there are many photographers who still want to convert their slide and film collections into digital files. High end film scanners are now rare items so flatbed scanners would seem to be the most logical and affordable choice. Lets take a close look at the Epson Perfection V700 Photo scanner.

What's in the box?

  1. Epson V700 scanner
  2. AC Adapter
  3. Power cable
  4. USB 2.0 cable
  5. SilverFast 6 (SE)
  6. Quick Start guide
  7. Photoshop Elements 3
  8. Drivers for both V700 & V750

I am splitting the contents up into two shots, the first above is a shot of the scanner and software. Given the size of the scanner 503mm x 308mm x 152.5mm (19.8 x 12.1 x 6.0 inches) I am surprised that the AC adapter has not been incorporated into the actual scanner body. A separate power cable is included, I would presume that would be changed for different countries. A USB 2.0 Hi-Speed cable is included - I always find it rather odd that scanners are supplied with this cable, yet you have to purchase one for printers. SilverFast 6 (SE - Special Edition) is included, SE means that the full functionality of the software is not available - your not really getting anything special. The V750 includes the full version, which is a much better option. A Quick Start guide is ideal for those who do not want to wade through the electronic manual. Photoshop Elements 3 is included for both Windows and Macintosh. Given that this scanner is aimed at the professional user I am rather surprised that this entry level application is included. However, I have been using Elements 3 & 4 for my DVD project and it is very good but limited for the professional user.

Film holders

Epson have catered well for the film user with four holders and a flexible 10x8 film area guide (for those with odd shape film)....

(Source: photo-i, Vincent Oliver, 2006)