2.3.6 Setting Black and White Point and Color Reconstruction (MidPip)

One very elegant option for restoring the colors of an old photo and removing color casts is the neutral pipette. We start by using the pipette tool to determine a black point and a white point, if they are present in the picture. To set them, just look at the image and determine two points that were black or white in the original motif. In the histogram with separate display of the three color channels, you can then observe how SilverFast has adjusted the white and black points of the three channels separately. The greater part of the color cast is thus already corrected.

Another global image improvement is the neutral pipette, which can be used in SilverFast Ai Studio 8 to select up to four neutral points in an image. SilverFast SE 8 and SilverFast SE Plus 8 allow a neutral point to be set. If more neutral points are to be used, the first points can be set with the Alt key held down, and the last point just with a simple click. A neutral point must be found on an object in the image that had no color cast in the original exposure conditions of the image. But be careful! Some seemingly neutral objects aren't colored neutrally at all. Granite, for example, sometimes has a clearl visible red component. If you select this kind of object with the pipette, this has immediate negative effects on the picture. An incorrectly set neutral point can be removed again with the Cmd-Z key combination. All pipettes set can be removed at once with Cmd-Alt-A.

Based on the deviation of the neutral point in the discolored photo, SilverFast calculates the extent to which the individual color channels need to be corrected to restore the neutral appearance. The exact changes that SilverFast makes can be checked in the tool window of the neutral pipette and adjusted by hand using numerical input.

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