Photographs in Heimo Aga's book "Luxus under sails" (Luxus unter Segeln) were converted and prepared entirely using SilverFast DCPro.


Love at first sight
In December 2000 I bought one of the first Canon EOS-D30 cameras available in Germany - and decided immediately to only photograph digitally in future. At that time, however, no reasonable RAW converter were available - the bundled ones were a joke. That's why I used JPEGs for a while which I individually corrected with SilverFast HDR.

In the meantime usable RAW converters are available, and fortunately SilverFast DCPro is one of them. This and the availability of high quality digital cameras enabled me to shoot my new book about sail cruises ("Luxus unter Segeln", copy Nicole Schmidt, 10/2004 in Walter Hädecke Verlag, Weil der Stadt, ISBN 3-7750-0440-8) completely digitally. I used the Canon EOS-1D, 10D and D60 cameras - and certainly SilverFast DCPro."

Heimo Aga (Английский)
I was offered the project to produce the book GOLFING DAYS. All of the pictures for it were to come out of my picture library ( which I have run for the last 30 years.

As I have never released any of the 'original' transparencies to books and magazines in the past ( until the advert of digital I produced 'in-house' large format dupes ) I knew I would only be able to undertake the project if I could produce high enough quality scans for a book of this size ( the format is 250 x 290 mm ). So I 're-equipped' the office with a G5 Mac and a Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 so as to be able to have as much control and produce the highest quality scans as possible used SilverFast Ai.

The book is now published (30th Oct '04) and the quality of the scans has received the highest praise.

Phil Sheldon (Английский)