Scanning with SilverFast - The Old World Joins the New (Английский)
luminous-landscape Photographer Mark Segal is an expert in scanning technique and has recently written a tutorial entitled:
Scanning - The Old World Joins the New

Mark explores calibration, scanning with the EPSON V750 Pro and techniques for an integrated workflow between SilverFast and Adobe's Lightroom. The tutorial is available as a free downloadable .pdf file, which can be read onscreen or printed out for reference. Mark has parsed his tutorial in five topics:
  1. SilverFast's Auto-IT8 scanner calibration procedure
  2. SilverFast's version of HDR in 64-bit mode
  3. SilverFast's new hardware-based dust and scratch removal technology called iSRD
  4. Performance of the EPSON V750 Pro scanner
  5. An integrated workflow between SilverFast and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Mark's conclusion on the iSRD feature: "Those who have large quantities of old transparencies and negatives to scan will find this feature-set to be not only very effective, but also a huge time-saver. As well, there is an added element of flexibility to this workflow, insofar as the infra-red channel remains with the saved HDR scan, so the user has the choice of using iSRD at scan time or any time thereafter."
SilverFast 6.5.5 Scanner Software Released (Английский)
applelinks_100 The new SilverFast 6.5 now makes imaging even easier. The extensive selection of editing tools has been enhanced with several new features, allowing users to produce optimum quality images with ease.

The new Auto Frame Detection automatically creates frames for all images in the prescan. Multi-Exposure (Please check whether your scanner is supported!) increases the hardware's capability to capture the full dynamic range, bringing out extensive image detail in both highlights and shadows. This is high dynamic range at its best! [...]
LaserSoft's SilverFast PrinTao: Is This "The Path" To Easy, Efficient, And Flexible Photo Printing? (Английский)
shutterbug With a digital camera, a computer, and a printer, all that remains to make photo prints is an application that will access and open your photo files and send the images to the printer. That's simple enough. But there are obviously other issues - what about color matching between screen and print? How do you get to the pictures you want printed? There are also questions about how you could print two, three, or four photos on a page and how you can add your name, a copyright notice, or insert text for a caption. It used to be that you had to purchase a moderate to expensive image-editing application to do all this, with a steep learning curve thrown into the bargain. Now, LaserSoft has created a software utility just for printing called SilverFast PrinTao. In my testing I found that it can help you output professional-looking results with minimal effort and little learning required. It is what computer geeks refer to as "intuitive" software. [...]
PrimeFilm 35mm scanner performs well at a price you won't believe (Английский)
technofile ... The SilverFast software changed the entire personality of the PrimeFilm scanner, adding professional-level control over the scans. Most versions of SilverFast's software are designed to work with scanners costing thousands of dollars. To the credit of LaserSoft's programmers, the PrimeFilm version of SilverFast isn't dumbed down in any way. It provides exceptional scanning capabilities in what would have been, had it not been for SilverFast, a rather ordinary scanner....
New SilverFast 6.5 Scanner Software Increases Dynamic Range (Английский)
applelinks_100 LaserSoft Imaging's SilverFast, the world standard in scanning software, has now taken a quantum leap in the evolution of genuine High Dynamic Range Imaging. This new function in SilverFast version 6.5 utilizes varying exposures of each scan. This dramatically increases dynamic range, allowing even the most subtle nuances in both shadow and highlight areas to be recognized and enhanced.
SilverFast Ai review comparing SilverFast and NikonScan (by Debbie Ferrell-Smith) (Английский)
photomigrations The comparison of SilverFast Ai and Nikonscan on a Nikon LS4000 filmscanner.
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jim_arnold Dust and Scratch Removal can be a difficult task. Jim Arnold demonstrates how well SilverFast's SRD function can handle this challenge.
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flaar LaserSoft Imaging makes SilverFast, the flatbed scanner software which is easy to use and provides professional results.
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virtualtraveller SilverFast Ai mini-review.
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it_enquirer Overview of SilverFast Ai's main tools in conjunction with the Epson Perfection 4870.
SilverFast review by MacHome (Английский)
mac_home In the end, a scanner is only as good as its scanning software. That's where SilverFast comes in. It provides exceptional scanning features and control over those features.
SilverFast 6 Impresses an Old Pro (Mike Pasini) (Английский)
imaging-resource Mike Pasini explains the SilverFast concept and elaborates on the power of SilverFasts Dust & Scratch Removal, Color Correction, unique Unsharp Masking and Quicktime Movies. He also references to Polaroid's SS 4000 film scanner and comparison of PolaColor and SilverFast with IT8-Calibration.
Getting the most from your scanner (by Paul Butzi) (Английский)
paul_butzi Explaining resolution and dynamic range tests with SilverFast Ai in comparison with Microtek's ScanWizard demonstrating how SilverFast best preserves every fine detail and maximizes dynamik range.
With SilverFast SE, your important scans look more like originals (Английский)
logo-pcworld Every scanner comes with software. That software allows the scanner to communicate with your computer, so you can scan your photos and documents, save them on your hard drive, e-mail or print them, and otherwise use them in your normal digital workflow. So, why should you consider spending more money to purchase SilverFast SE ($49, free demo that adds watermarks) to replace your scanner's own software? Because it may possibly make the difference between okay scans and great ones. [...]
Scanning with SilverFast (by Mark Segal) (Английский)
luminous-landscape A practical guide stepping through SilverFast Ai STUDIO explaining the basic settings of the General Panel covering Auto-Adjust, Resolution, Q-factors, Color Management, Gradation, NegaFix and the Toolbar.
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