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New SilverFast 8 Features – Download your Update now

Dear SilverFast User ,

Please keep in mind to regularly install the actual update for your SilverFast software, since SilverFast is constantly being developed and improved. Bug fixes, speed improvements by code optimization, and new features, each new update comes with advantages for you.

logo_flickr_facebook_writing_160px Updates within your SilverFast edition are always free. At present, the latest version is 8.0.1r35. Click the "Update" button, if you have not yet installed this version. Below are some infos on recent changes and new features. For example, you can publish your images directly from your scanner to flickr and to facebook.



screen_SCC_en SilverFast 8 Movies
For almost every SilverFast 8 tool, there is a short movie clip available that explains how the tool can be used. You can view the movies
here on our website or launch them directly from SilverFast8 or, if you download and execute our Movie Installer before.

Many movies are directly linked inside the scanner software. In many places, such as in the settings menu and in the tool dialogs, there are small buttons showing QuickTime icons. Click on the button and the appropriate movie clip will play in your web browser.

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cover_guide_en SilverFast 8 PDF Manual
In addition to the movies, we are offering guidance and further documentation as PDF files. The SilverFast 8 quick guide, which essentially describes working with the WorkflowPilot is already available in 8 languages​​. If you download and run the Documentation Installer some PDF help files are copied to your computer, which you can access directly from SilverFast.

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With best wishes for brilliant pictures
Karl-Heinz Zahorsky
President & CEO
LaserSoft Imaging Inc.

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