SilverFast Universal Launcher v3.0

sful-about_en_tn Advantages over previous versions

The two main changes compared to previous versions of the SilverFast Launcher are completely new: the User-Interface and the Universal-Binary Format of the Mac Version.

At a glance:
  • Completely revised user interface with tabs for the individual areas
  • Simple handling of all installed SilverFast versions. The tabs clearly show which versions are currently installed on the computer.
  • Universal-Binary format for Apple Intel-Macs under Mac OS X
  • Full compatibility with Photoshop CS3 / CS4
  • Multi-lingual: the new Universal Launcher may be switched into any supported language while running - no restart required.
  • Helpful information: The "Extras" tab offers a variety of Links to supporting SilverFast webpages

The 6 tabs of the SF Launcher:
scanner Scanner
Palette for the installed SilverFast scanner modules
digicam Digitalkamera
Palette for the installed SilverFast DC modules
hdr HDR
Palette for the installed SilverFast HDR modules
printer PrinTao
Palette for the installed SilverFast PrinTao modules
extras Extras
Palette containing interesting and helpful links to SilverFast pages
info Info
Palette containing information about the SilverFast Universal Launcher

SilverFast Universal Launcher as a Stand-Alone Application

SilverFast Version 6.5.5r1 or later now offers SilverFast Universal Launcher version 3.

SilverFast may be used as an independent "Stand-Alone" application by means of the SilverFast Launcher. The advantage of the Universal Launcher is that little memory is needed, and that applications can be launched much faster.
No additional applications are required for operating any SilverFast product under Mac and Windows.

Naturally, SilverFast can still be launched from within Photoshop and as a TWAIN module.

sful-icon_kl Using SF Launcher is easy:
  • First open the the "SF" application.
  • Please click the palette with your selected SilverFast Module, in this example the camera palette.
  • Please click the Start button for the relevant SilverFast software, in this example on the upper button with SilverFast DC Pro Studio. The chosen version will begin immediately.
  • The final scans will be saved directly to disk.
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SilverFast Highlights

JobMonitor new!
JobManager iPhone App

Multi-Exposure improved!
Increased Dynamic Range

Printer Calibration new!
Optional Feature

ICC Printer Calibration improved!
Color calibrate your Printer

Auto IT8 Calibration improved!
Color calibrate your Scanner

SRDx new!
Dust and Scratch Removal

Kodachrome new!
Kodachromes without Blue Cast

IFF+Engine new!
Optimized Frame Detection

Hot-Folder new!
Image processing in batch mode

more highlights