Testimonial – Walt Cecil, ETHNOGRAPHICA

Walt Cecil from San Francisco has a 45 years career in the study of antique oriental carpets along with the buying, selling and designing of oriental carpets for production.

Walt Cecil:
« It is rare that I am compelled to write anything more demanding than short emails and an occasional letter to voice disappointment or some form of disapproval. This letter is different. It is different in that I have the pleasure of expressing my appreciation and enthusiasm for your beautifully crafted software that is appropriately titled PrinTao 8.

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My career of 45 years in the study of antique oriental carpets along with the buying, selling and designing of oriental carpets for production was all made possible with the advent of the personal computer. Yes, I remember booting from the first large floppy discs and waiting for something to show up on the monochrome screen. I also remember paying $400 for a 300 baud modem so I could connect to Compuserve to see if someone had by chance sent a message to me.

Those days seem like a previous lifetime rather than a few short decades ago when graphics software was rare and very expensive and a color printer was completely out of reach for a single end user.

What I am attempting to articulate is that I have been planted in front of monitors, scanners, keyboards, and printers for a very long time. While operating systems and hardware continue to improve at a remarkable rate I have always struggled with getting consistent, high quality prints that are accurate. I simply cannot afford to send an image of a great antique carpet to a client if there is any question about color.

Consequently I have spent many thousands on equipment, ink and paper only to be bewildered and confused by how this is all supposed to work together and often ending up with prints that were only good enough to be trashed.


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That all changed when I decided to upgrade my very old version of SilverFast 6 to the new release 8 and add HDR 8. Before the purchase I called LaserSoft Imaging to ask a few questions about the upgrade. During this conversation I found out about PrinTao 8, a software release I had not heard of earlier. I listened carefully and must admit it simply sounded too good to be true. How possible could it be the software was as simple as described and still perform?

No one was more surprised than I when I installed PrinTao 8 and the first print was well beyond my expectations. I printed another image, one of a sixteenth century carpet I have always admired but have never been able to print accurately. While the original image was scanned from an old art book, I was able to get closer to what the carpet looks like in person … no small achievement I should add.

While I am still new to PrinTao 8 I can say that I am now producing images that I am proud to present and am no longer wasting paper and ink while struggling with settings in Photoshop.

I can say that PrinTao 8 has put the fun back into printing images and has lowered the stress, frustration and wasted materials in the process.

As I said earlier, it is rare that I am compelled to write but this software is something special and in my opinion worth serious consideration as a print solution.

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