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button_movie What is Auto IT8 Calibration and what can you use it for?
Auto IT8 Calibration is a technique for color calibrating your scanner – developed and patented by LaserSoft Imaging for predictable color.

Get consistent colors with just two mouse clicks – Fully automatic IT8 Calibration
Using SilverFast Ai Studio 8 professionals and home users are enabled to benefit from consistent colors without the need to bother with the sophisticated process behind it - just by initially calibrating their scanners.

Due to the genuine combination of the automatic frame detection and the integrated barcode technology imprinted on LaserSoft Imaging's IT8 Targets the complete calibration process runs fully automatic. Not even a prescan is required. Just place the original LaserSoft Imaging IT8 Target on the scanner and simply click the IT8 Calibration button. The ICC profile gets calculated for the individual scanner taking the scan of the target and some reference data into account.

An IT8 Target is required for the IT8 Calibration.

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it8_target IT8 Targets from own production
The high-quality IT8 Targets - transmissive as well as reflective - are manufactured in LaserSoft Imaging's own production, where small batches and accuracy ensure the upmost precision. You can order your targets from our Online-Shop. You will also find targets for calibrating digital cameras and, since 2009, special Kodachrome Targets.

Benefit from SilverFast's IT8 Calibration now
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