"...I am constantly amazed at how little I have to do to make my scans look just like the chromes!"
SilverFast PhotoCD


Enabling customers to process PhotoCD data with professional quality, SilverFast PhotoCD reads the PhotoCD format and uses the full features of SilverFast combined with an image selection overview. The PhotoCD format can save high dynamic range for the luminance data providing a very good source for high quality reproductions. Even with low contrast and color-casted images, the user benefits from SilverFast's configurable auto-adjust. All vital tools are at the customer's fingertips for fast adjustments and to achieve a very high production rate. A selectable 1:1 CMYK preview assures Plug&Play CMYK directly on the preview!

SilverFast PhotoCD can bring your PhotoCD images to life without requiring the user to be a color professional. Simply open SilverFast, pick an image from the overview and click the auto-adjust button. Instantly your images come to life.

SilverFast PhotoCD now includes SilverFast JobManager. This allows you to batch correct many images on the fly and much more.

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