Connection between High-End Heidelberg Scanner and Computer
SCSI To connect to the computer to the high-end Heidelberg scanners use a SCSI interface. Actual computers usually don't feature a SCSI port and it could be difficult to obtain an appropriate SCSI card. This applies particularly to the newer Mac computers, but also to PCs and especially to Notebooks.
For this reason we suggest to use a 'FireWire to SCSI' adapter.

You will find an overview of which adapters you can use for connecting your scanner in the following. We have successfully tested these adapters:
    For Macintosh G3 and G4 as well as for PC systems with PCI slot:
  • Adaptec 2930 PCI
  • Adaptec 2906 PCI
  • Adaptec AIC 7850 PCI
    For Macintosh G5:
  • Acard AEC 67160
    FireWire For newer Macintosh and PC systems without PCI slot:
  • Ratoc 'FireWire to SCSI' adapter
    (Please NEVER install or use the Ratoc utility CD!)
Notes: An SCSI adapter is not included in the SilverFast software package.
A standard FireWire 6pin to 4pin adapter can be used to connect the Ratoc adapter to a FireWire 800 port.

There are many other adapters that might also work. If you have successfully connected your scanner using an adapter not listed above, we kindly ask you to send us a short note so that other scanner owners may also benefit.

Some tested 'FireWire to SCSI' adapters:
If you encounter any problems connecting your scanner using a Ratoc adapter, you can find some advice for configuring the adapter here.