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Welcome to Newsletter June 2009

icon_70percent Summer special!
Save up to 70% on your 2nd SilverFast version!
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icon_hdri SilverFast HDRi
For the moments of your life
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icon_archive-se SilverFast Archive Suite SE
The beginner’s choice of our archive solution
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icon_framefinding Auto-Frame for film strips
SilverFast’s automatic frame detection for film holders
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Summer special! - Save up to 70% on your 2nd SilverFast version!

Dear valued SilverFast User,

icon_70percent 70_100x350_en This is definitely the best time to upgrade your other scanners to the well known SilverFast-Quality.

Since LaserSoft Imaging adapts each scanner to the software individually, it is not possible to use your current SilverFast version for any other scanner.
In general, we offer a discounted rate for any additional SilverFast purchase to our customers, by means of a cross-upgrade. However, we will reduce this cost by an additional 50% for this summer special! This means that you can save up to 70% of the regular SilverFast retail price.


This offer is valid until July 31st, 2009. Please have your regular SilverFast serial number on hand as entering that serial will get you the greatly discounted price for a 2nd license. This offer is available only through our online Download-Shop. All SilverFast High-End versions (Heidelberg, etc.) are excluded from this offer.

SilverFast HDRi – for the moments of your life

icon_hdri Generate perfect digital RAW data scanned from your originals with the new SilverFast 6.6.1 - the best way to protect your precious memories against destruction, loss or fading!

The new feature HDRi* is the final step for complete HDR scans. The scanner delivers RAW data through SilverFast, which contains all readable image information - even the infrared channel (with dust and scratches) data is embedded. This file can then be used for further image optimization; regardless of where and when you choose to work on this file!

HDRi_en_tn The new SilverFast 6.6.1 captures this information into a 64bit HDRi-file (color) or a 32 bit HDRi file (grayscale). This method is a true revolution in terms of optimizing scanner RAW data.

All you need to modify your RAW data is SilverFast HDR, which can be purchased from our webshop.

In case you do not have a SilverFast software package yet, we recommend the SilverFast Archive Suite. This package includes all versions needed for a perfect HDRi workflow. The entry level SilverFast Archive Suite SE and the Pro version SilverFast Archive Suite are now available.


*Because the HDRi feature needs information from the infrared channel of the scanner, it is necessary to make sure that iSRD is available and supported for your scanner model.

SilverFast Archive Suite SE - the beginner’s choice of our archive solution

icon_archive-se workflow-se_en_tn LaserSoft Imaging® proudly presents the SilverFast Archive Suite SE; a reasonably priced entry to the world of digital archiving of photo collections. This software package allows the user to quickly and easily scan slides, negatives and reflective images in 48bit color depth. Digitize all your images yourself without giving those precious captured moments out of your hands.

More information about the SilverFast Archive Suite SE and the option to order it for a special price can be found here ...


Note: SilverFast Multi-Exposure® and iSRD® - please check whether your scanner is supported!

SilverFast’s Auto-Frame for film strips - Automatic frame detection for film holders

icon_framefinding framefinding_en The automatic frame finding option for photos, slides, negatives and film strips represents a tool designed for speeding up the process of scanning a number of images by means of a flatbed scanner. It allows the scanning and automatic optimization of a number of reflective or transparent images.

SilverFast-Version 6.6.1 comes with further enhanced Auto-Frame Detection. Images of filmstrips in a film holder, which were not easy to scan previously, can now be recognized by our Auto-Frame Detection. The user merely selects the type of film holder he is currently using in a popup menu. This information allows the software to precisely detect the individual frames and works for both positive and negative film strips.


Profit from the new and improved Auto-Frame Detection and speed up your workflow!

"Start enjoying the incredible creative freedom that comes with digital technology today!"

Karl-Heinz Zahorsky
President & CEO
LaserSoft Imaging

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