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Welcome to Newsletter March 2009

icon_vista64 SilverFast® for Epson-Scanner now fully 32/64Bit compatible
The latest SilverFast® release is fully Windows 32/64Bit compatible with all significant Epson Scanners (read more ...)
icon_kodachrometarget_01 Outstanding success for LaserSoft Imaging® Kodachrome Calibration-Targets (IT8)
Extended rebate period for LSI-Targets until end of April 2009 (read more ...)
icon_affiliate_en Make money the easy way with our LSI-Affiliate-Program
Become a partner of LaserSoft Imaging and receive hefty commission via your web page without hassle (read more ...)
icon_shipping_en Shipping cost adjustment by UPS
Shipping and handling prices modified according to UPS price list
(read more ...)

Dear valued SilverFast User,

SilverFast® for Epson-Scanner now fully 32/64Bit compatible

aistudio-660r3_en_featuremovieepsonperfectionv700_lq__en_2008-09-22_button_tn The latest SilverFast® release is fully Windows 32/64Bit compatible and supports all significant Epson Scanners. The advantage of Windows' XP and Vista 32Bit and 64Bit architecture significantly accelerates high-quality scans. SilverFast is, of course, fully compatible with latest Apple Macintosh operating systems.

As we previously announced on our website, we have now achieved full compatibility with Vista 32 Bit and Vista 64 Bit operating systems. Our quality department has put all functions through painstaking tests and given their OK for the final release.

special-offer_rot20 We are now offering a special rebate of 20% on all SilverFast versions for Epson Scanner until the end of April 2009. To get your best possible scans right now, order your new SilverFast copy today or download your free update (for SilverFast 6.5 users) from our website:

buy_en update

Start enjoying the new SilverFast release with features* such as:
  • SilverFast Multi-Exposure® to enhance Dynamic Range and minimize noise
  • Auto IT8 Calibration for precise colors from your scanner in only 2 minutes
  • NegaFix® for full control of negative-positive film conversion with more than 120 film profiles
  • Kodachrome-Feature for Kodachrome scans with maximum Dynamic Range and without bluish cast

See more significant highlights here...

Full Windows and Macintosh compatibility is realized for the following scanner models:
In case your scanner model has not yet been positively tested for Vista, you will find the latest update on new developments related to SilverFast or Vista here.

Additionally you will have the opportunity, even if SilverFast has not been officially released for your scanner model, to download the current Vista-compatible driver from the manufacturer's website and test SilverFast with it yourself. Please go to our Demo Download area on our website, look for the relevant SilverFast release and select Windows XP as the operating system.

*Availability of specific features will depend on SilverFast product family SE and Ai and your scanner model. Please check before you buy, whether your desired SilverFast package or your scanner model does support those specific features.

Great Success for LaserSoft Imaging®'s Kodachrome Calibration-Targets (IT8)

kodachrome_01_tn Since early January 2009 we are producing our own Kodachrome Calibration slides and the press as well as users are quite impressed. We ourselves are surprised by the high demand, demonstrating the important role of color-consistent scans for many users.

special-offer_rot25 For that reason we have decided to repeat our Calibration Target special from the beginning of this year and offer again 25% rebate on all our online-shop targets until the end of April.
Order your Kodachrome Target with 25% rebate right here in our Online-Shop.


To achieve the optimum Kodachrome Workflow, calibrate your scanner with SilverFast's Auto-IT8-Calibration and the LSI-Kodachrome Target and activate our award-winning SilverFast Multi-Exposure® so you can take advantage of the full Dynamic Range of the Kodachrome film. (Read here why Kodachrome slides need Multi-Exposure)
Next: For your Kodachromes get rid of dust and scratches with our unique combination of iSRD and SRD. SilverFast is the only software world-wide handling the workflow required!

Kodachrome Workflow
Auto-IT8 Multi-Exposure iSRD & SRD
watch_video_en watch_video_en watch_video_en

User commentary to an logo-shutterbug_100 article by David Brooks on LaserSoft Imaging's Kodachrome feature and Kodachrome Targets:

„Concerning the new SilverFast Kodachrome features and IT8-targets, I have to agree with David all along the line. I ordered the new target as soon as I took cognizance of its existence. And it works almost perfectly. No blue cast and no (or just very, very few) artifacts anymore (like scratches or dust particles). This is what owners of Kodachrome slide collections have been waiting for so long!“

Posted Fri Jan30, 2009, 4:46 AM — By Quilly

Just for scientific correctness, we have to inform our users that our Kodachrome Targets, due to a limitation of the film emulsion, cannot be produced according to IT8-Standard specification. Since the calibration is functioning precisely with high quality, this circumstance is without relevance.

You can find more interesting facts about our Kodachrome Targets here...

*SilverFast Multi-Exposure® is scanner-dependent. Please check availability for your scanner-model here.

Make money the easy way with our LSI-Affiliate-Program

affiliates_en_small LaserSoft Imaging enjoys presenting you our new website-partner-program. From now on we offer you an attractive commission on sales from our online shop, wich have been referred to us via your website.

How does the Partner-Program work?
It is very simple. As an Affiliate partner you will get access to ad material, which you can embed into your website. If a visitor on your website clicks onto such links or banners, he will automatically be transferred to our website. If he buys anything from our online shop within 30 days, a tracking system will automatically register this sale for the Affiliate partner who will get the commission of 20% of the net sale.

What kind of pages are suitable for participation?
In principal all kind of pages are suitable. However experience shows that webpages of a similar subject area generate significant more traffic, than non-releated webpages with just a link. It would be favorable if your Internet page shows involvement with any kind of work related to photos, scanners, digital cameras, imaging or image processing, printing, etc.

Interested? Get more info here...

Shipping cost adjustment by UPS

LaserSoft Imaging AG, after quite a delay, is forced to pass on a price increase from UPS (introduced by UPS 5th of January 2009) to our customers. Consequently we have to adjust our shipping price in our online shop. Only those prices shown in our shop are billed.

For comparison you can look at the relevant UPS-Shipping cost here...

"Start enjoying the incredible creative freedom that comes with digital technology today!"

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