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SF_canon_tn Considerable quality increase and time saving for Canon-Scanners* with the new SilverFast 6.6.0r4 - now including iSRD and Kodachrome support

SilverFast 6.6.0r4 has several new advantages over the Canon’s own software - e.g. iSRD, Multi-Exposure and specially developed Kodachrome-Profiles to name just a few.

feature_canon_tn The new SilverFast Canon feature movie.
watch movie...

icon_me SilverFast’s new Multi-Exposure considerably increases the Dynamic Range of your Canon Scanner. Get more details with less noise. (watch movie ... / read more ...)
icon_isrd iSRD instead of FARE-Technology - faster scans without fake smoothing. iSRD can be used with B&W and Kodachromes. (watch movie ... / read more ...)
icon_kodachrome Special Kodachrome-Profiles allow high quality scans of Kodachrome slides, offering a high dynamic range, an optional IT8 calibration as well as dust and scratch free results. (watch movie ... / read more ...)
icon_time Dramatically reduce the effective scanning time by use of SilverFast 6.6. due to the use of Multi-Core processing and optimal workflows. (read more ...)

Order your SilverFast Canon Software here.

*for Canon Canoscan 8400F, 8600F, 8800F, 9900F, 9950F.

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