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Important improvements to High-End scanner

Dear High-End Scanner User,

LaserSoft Imaging has continued to optimize SilverFast v6.6.0r2. We are happy to announce the following improvements in the current version:

  1. Specific optimization of the NegaFix-curves for Chromagraph-scanners minimizes the occurrence of banding.
  2. All Chromagraph versions now have an altered Calibration, leading to greatly improved deltaE-Values.
  3. Full drum support for all Drum-Scanners. This allows a more efficient workflow since now a preview can be made for all drums and frames may be drawn. After that the previews and corrections can be loaded and the final scan may be processed.
  4. The software can now be launched without an inserted drum.
  5. Inserting or changing a drum is now detected automatically and the preview is switched according to the Drum ID.
  6. If an attempt is made to scan reflective images from a drum even though it is only capable of scanning transparencies a warning message is displayed and SilverFast does not freeze anymore.
  7. It is now possible to process 48/16 bit images with the Chromagraph - Though the scanner continues to deliver 24/8 bit data, a logarithmic-to-linear conversion and a special form of interpolation delivers better useable data, thus, allowing o more efficient HDR workflow.
  8. After initial installation, “Transparency” is the default setting in the “General” tab.
Our Demo-Version can be found here.

The update is here.

Important information: Since dramatic changes have been made within the software, some presets may be lost so a new specification of used profiles may be necessary.

More information and details about High-End Scanner and SilverFast can be found here...

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