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New SilverFast v6.6 - Premium Quality and Productivity

icon_oc SilverFast now with ICC Printer Calibration with Profiler for an effective and low cost color calibration system
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icon_nikon Nikon Film Scanners now 100% Leopard compatible - from SilverFast version 6.6 on
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icon_negafix Comfortable editing of curves in NegaFix® - build your Custom Curves more flexible and easier
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icon_me Successful market introduction of SF Multi-Exposure® - due to unprecedented quality gain by great Dynamic Range increase
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Dear valued SilverFast User,

LaserSoft Imaging AG offers a new printer calibration option for SilverFast Version 6.6. A new Leopard compatible version of SilverFast for Nikon film scanner users is now available. The manual editing of Negafix® curves is now more flexible and better designed in version 6.6.

SilverFast now with ICC Printer Calibration with Profiler for an effective and low cost color calibration system drucker-kalibrierung120x97

With the new ICC Printer Calibration, SilverFast Ai IT8 Studio possesses an effective color calibration system. Profit from the optimal color space range for your color prints and have the choice of more paper types. You can produce an appropriate ICC color profile for every paper fast and easy.

For this purpose, your actual scanner will act as a measuring device and save yourself the extra costs of acquiring third party tools. drucker_kalibration_vergleich02_small

The engineers at LaserSoft Imaging AG have succeeded in closing the color calibration gap with SilverFast's printer calibration. The patented automatic IT8 scanner calibration is now complemented with the new printer calibration.

Use the unique advantage provided by the new Printer Calibration in SilverFast Ai IT8 Studio and enjoy more control over scanner and printer!

More information and details about the ICC Printer calibration can be found here...

watch_video_hq_en watch_video_lq_en Check out the advantages of the ICC Printer calibration presented in the video.

Nikon Film Scanners now 100% Leopard (Mac) compatible - from SilverFast version 6.6 on

Starting with version 6.6, SilverFast now supports Leopard for all 35mm Nikon scanner models (and all current IntelMacs). Nikon Filmscanner are now addressed directly without any detour through the MAID-module. With help of the patented SilverFast ME®, Kodachrome slides can be scanned with full dynamic range up to 3,8D for the first time(without SilverFast ME® the Nikon LS5000ED generally only reaches 3,3D).

Nikon officially announced some time ago that NikonScan will not be supported any more for Mac OS. Official announcement

Presently only 35mm film scanner will be supported – a new version for LS-8000 and LS-9000 film scanners will follow soon.

A smooth and fast workflow is secured for SilverFast Nikon on Mac OS Leopard.

Comfortable Editing of Curves in NegaFix - get rid of color casts more flexible and easier Logo_NegaFix

All users of SilverFast full versions (Ai, DC, HDR and Studio) have now access to a new option when editing NegaFix®-curves in expert mode. By a simple click you can add or remove editing points anywhere on the curve. Thus custom NegaFix®-curves can be created and edited much more comfortable and more flexible.

Another movie shows how easy color faults can be removed from negatives.

Successful Market Introduction of SF Multi-Exposure® - due to unprecedented Quality Gain by increasing Dynamic Range

Logo_Multiexposure_tn me_beispiel_en_small We (LSI) have been very successful with our patented SilverFast Multi-Exposure® in the publishing market. Contrary to conventional Multi-Sampling SilverFast ME® scans an original twice with different exposure values increasing the effective Dynamic Range dramatically. Professional photographers as well as independent labs testify the significant increase in quality with SF Multi-Exposure®.

Please read the latest review of famous Shutterbug magazine with the following headline:

watch_video_en Please take your time and learn how your scans can get richer details with Multi-Exposure®.

"Start enjoying the incredible creative freedom that comes with digital technology today!"

Karl-Heinz Zahorsky
President & CEO
LaserSoft Imaging

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