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SilverFast - Fully Automatic.
Color management demystified - Get consistent colors with one single mouse click.

  1. Fully automatic IT8-Calibration
  2. Professional Color Management with SilverFast SE versions
  3. Test Report Scanner Multi-Exposure for CanoScan 8600F
  4. EPSON Perfection V100 / V350
  5. Support for 9 new camera raw formats
  6. SilverFast Scan to Flickr
Dear valued SilverFast User,

with the release of SilverFast 6.5.0r6 we are bundling all our gained knowledge with the easiest possible user experience -- Fully automatic! From it's start in 1986 LaserSoft Imaging became an early adaptor of color- and image processing. In the early nineties LaserSoft Imaging consulted Leaf, Canon, Sony, Seiko and others with the very special knowledge of desktop high end color. Now, you can benefit in the most convenient way to take advantage of this knowledge.

Get consistent Colors with one single mouse click IT8-Calibration.

IT8_Profil_Icon Consistent colors and color management has been and is still in many areas a certain mystery for professionals and even more for consumers. For a long time receiving color consistent scans has been a dedicated field for professional color consultants and operators only.

The new SilverFast version helps professionals and enables consumers to just benefit from the highly added value of consistent colors and to neglect the sophisticated process behind it. With SilverFast V6.5.0r6 users from all experience levels can experience color consistent scans by calibrating the scanner first.
It's fast, easy and efficient. Please watch our quick tutorial (2.03 mb)

One single mouse click, nothing more is needed to calibrate your scanner with the SilverFast update version. The professional IT8-Calibration has become a fully automated process with SilverFast V6.5.0r6.

Background Information

IT8-Knopf_aktiv Due to the genuine combination of the automatic frame detection and the integrated barcode technology imprinted on SilverFast IT8-targets the complete calibration process runs fully automatic. Not even a Prescan is required. Just place the original LaserSoft Imaging IT8-target on the scanner and simply press the IT8-Calibration start icon.

A barcode imprinted on every LaserSoft Imaging IT8-target (patented) ensures that the required reference data is identified.

The optimum color reproduction at the start of your imaging workflow will ensure maximum quality in your output.

The fully automatic IT8-Calibration is available in all SilverFast Studio versions. According to our upgrade policy all registered SilverFast users are entitled to a significantly reduced upgrade pricing to benefit from the fully automated IT8-Calibration.
We are also the manufacturers of the high-quality targets, both reflective and transmissive, in our own IT8 target production. With the production of small batches we ensure a very high precision.

Professional Color Management with SilverFast SE versions

Our enhanced color management for SilverFast SE is offering a new efficiency and level of creative control.

The Options dialogue is now showing a CMS panel to optionally choose a canned or individual input ICC profile for your scanner and a working space of your choice, i.e. AdobeRGB, sRGB, LStarRGB or eciRGB.

Test Report Scanner Multi-Exposure for CanoScan 8600F

The independent Test and Consulting Company Image Engineering Dietmar Wüller based in Frechen near Cologne has published a test report, approving the increase in dynamic range with SilverFast Multi-Exposure for the CanoScan 8600F.

The results show a significant increase in the CanoScan 8600F's dynamic range while the noise of the CCD's is effectively minimized. Hence, more details will become visible in the shadow areas of an image. SilverFast's Multi-Exposure generates 48 bit RAW scans which are then calculated using variable exposures.

All SilverFast SE Plus and SilverFast Ai Studio versions of 6.5.0r4 or newer will contain Multi-Exposure support for the CanoScan 8600F. Find out whether your scanner is able to apply the Multi-Exposure feature via our website

EPSON Perfection V100 / V350

We have implemented two new EPSON scanner models into SilverFast support, the EPSON Perfection V100 and V350. All SilverFast versions are now available for these two models.

*Currently the filmstrip feeder for the EPSON Perfection V350 (only the filmstrip feeder) is not supported.

Support for 9 new camera raw formats

Enjoy robust support for nine new camera raw formats with all SilverFast DC and HDR versions for digital cameras:
  1. Nikon D2Xs
  2. Nikon D40
  3. Nikon D40x
  4. Nikon D80
  5. Fuji S5 Pro
  6. Pentax K10D
  7. Leica D-Lux3
  8. Olympus SP-550UZ
  9. Minolta Dynax 5D

SilverFast tip: Scan to Flickr

If you are using Flickr as your favourite photo sharing service and SilverFast there is a great way for uploading some of your analogue photography. This is a very easy method and applies to SilverFast SE and/or Ai. (read more...)

Start enjoying the incredible creative freedom that comes with digital technology today!

Karl-Heinz Zahorsky
President & CEO
LaserSoft Imaging

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